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HERMUNDURI, a people of Germany, in part of what is now called Upper Saxony, bounded on the north by the river Sala, on the east by the Elbe, and on the south by the Danube.

HIERO-CAESAREA, a city in Lydia, famous for a temple to the Persian Diana, supposed to have been built by Cyrus.

HISPALIS, a town of Boetica in the Farther Spain; now Seville in Andalusia.

HISPANIA, Spain, otherwise called Iberia, from the river Iberus.  It has the sea on every side except that next to Gaul, from which it is separated by the Pyrenees.  During the time of the republic, the whole country was divided into two provinces, Ulterior and Citerior, the Farther and Hither Spain.  Augustus divided the Farther Spain into two provinces; Boetica, and Lusitania.  The Hither Spain he called Tarraconensis, and then Spain was formed into three provinces; Boetica, under the management of the senate; and the other two reserved for officers appointed by the prince.

HOSTILIA, a village on the Po:  now Ostiglia, in the neighbourhood of Cremona.

HYPAEPA, a small city in Lydia, now rased to the ground.

HYRCANIA, a country of the Farther Asia, to the east of the Caspian Sea, with Media on the west, and Parthia on the south; famous for its tigers.  There was a city of the same name in Lydia.


IBERIA, an inland country of Asia, bounded by Mount Caucasus on the north, by Albania on the cast, by Colchis and part of Pontus on the west, and by Armenia on the south.  Spain was also called Iberia, from the river Iberus; now the Ebro.

IBERUS, a noble river of the Hither Spain; now the Ebro.

ICENI, a people of Britain; now Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk.

ILIUM, another name for ancient Troy.  A new city, nearer to the sea, was built after the famous siege of Troy, and made a Roman colony.  But, as was said of the old city, Etiam periere ruinae.

ILLYRICUM, the country between Pannonia to the north, and the Adriatic to the south.  It is now comprised by Dalmatia and Sclavonia, under the respective dominion of the Venetians and the Turks.

INSUBRIA, a country of Gallia Cisalpina; now the Milanese.


INTERAMNA, an ancient town of the Volsci in Latium, not far from the river Liris.  It is now in ruins.

IONIAN SEA, the sea that washes the western coast of Greece, opposite to the gulf of Venice.

ISICHI, a people bordering on the Euxine, towards the east.

ISTRIA, an island in the gulf of Venice, still retaining its ancient name.  There was also a town of the same name near the mouth of the Ister, on the Euxine Sea.

ITURAEA, a Transjordan district of Palestine, now Bacar.

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