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BRIXELLUM, the town where Otho dispatched himself after the defeat at Bedriacum; now Bresello, in the territory of Reggio.

BRIXIA, a town of Italy, on this side of the Po; now Brescia.

BRUCTERIANS, a people of Germany, situate in Westphalia.  See the Manners of the Germans, s. 33. note a.

BRUNDUSIUM, a town of Calabria, with an excellent harbour, at the entrance of the Adriatic, affording to the Romans a commodious passage to Greece.  The Via Appia ended at this town.  Now Brindisi, in the territory of Otranto, in the kingdom of Naples.

BYZANTIUM, a city of Thrace, on the narrow strait that separates Europe from Asia; now Constantinople.  See Annals, xii. s. 63.


CAELALETAE, a people of Thrace, near Mount Haemus.

CAERACATES, probably the diocese of Mayence.

CAESAREA, a maritime town in Palestine; now Kaisarie.

CAESIAN FOREST, now the Forest of Heserwaldt, in the duchy of Cleves. 
It is supposed to be a part of the Hercynian Forest.

CALABRIA, a peninsula of Italy, between Tarentum and Brundusium; now the territory of Otranto, in the kingdom of Naples.

CAMELODUNUM, said by some to be Malden in Essex, but by Camden, and others, Colchester.  It was made a Roman colony under the emperor Claudius; a place of pleasure rather than of strength, adorned with splendid works, a theatre, and a temple of Claudius.

CAMERIUM, a city in the territory of the Sabines; now destroyed.

CAMPANIA, a territory of Italy, bounded on the west by the Tuscan sea.  The most fertile and delightful part of Italy; now called Terra di Lavoro.

CANGI, the inhabitants of Cheshire, and part of Lancashire.

CANINEFATES, a people of the Lower Germany, from the same origin as the Batavians, and inhabitants of the west part of the isle of Batavia.

CANOPUS, a city of the Lower Egypt, situate on a branch of the Nile called by the same name.

CAPPADOCIA, a large country in Asia Minor, between Cilicia the Euxine sea.  Being made a Roman province, the inhabitants had an offer made them of a free and independent government; but their answer was, Liberty might suit the Romans, but the Cappadocians would neither receive liberty, nor endure it.

CAPREA, an island on the coast of Campania, about four miles in length from east to west, and about one in breadth.  It stands opposite to the promontory of Surrentum, and has the bay of Naples in view.  It was the residence of Tiberius for several years.

CAPUA, now Capoa, a city in the kingdom of Naples; the seat of pleasure, and the ruin of Hannibal.

CARMEL, a mountain in Galilee, on the Mediterranean.

CARSULAE, a town of Umbria, about twenty miles from Mevania; now in ruins.

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