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AUGUSTA TAURINORUM, a town of the Taurini, at the foot of the Alps; now Turin, the capital of Piedmont.

AUGUSTODUNUM, the capital of the AEdui; now Autun, in the duchy of Burgundy.  It took its name from Augustus Caesar.

AURIA, an ancient town of Spain; now Orense, in Galicia.

AUZEA, a strong castle in Mauritania.

AVENTICUM, the capital of the Helvetii; by the Germans called Wiflisburg, by the French Avenches.


BACTRIANI, a people inhabiting a part of Asia, to the south of the river Oxus, which rains from east to west into the Caspian Sea.

BAIAE, a village of Campania, between the promontory of Misenum and Puteoli (now Pozzuolo), nine miles to the west of Naples.

BALEARES, a cluster of islands in the Mediterranean, of which Majorca and Minorca are the chief.

BASTARNI, a people of Germany, who led a wandering life in the vast regions between the Vistula and the Pontic sea.

BATAVIA, an island formed by two branches of the Rhine and the German sea.  See Annals, book ii. s. 6; and Manners of the Germans, s. 29. note a.

BATAVODURUM, a town in the island of Batavia; now, as some of the commentators say, Wyk-te-Duurstede.

BEBRYACUM, or BEDRYACUM, a village situate between Verona and Cremona; famous for two successive defeats; that of Otho, and soon after that of Vitellius.

BELGIC GAUL, the country between the Seine and the Marne to the west, the Rhine to the east, and the German sea to the north.

BERYTUS, now Barut, in Phoenicia.

BETASII, the people inhabiting the country now called Brabant.

BITHYNIA, a proconsular province of Asia Minor, bounded on the north by the Euxine and the Propontic, adjoining to Troas, over-against Thrace; now Becsangial.

BOETICA, one of the provinces into which Augustus Caesar divided the
Farther Spain.

BOII, a people of Celtic Gaul, in the country now called Bourbonnois.  There was also a nation of the same name in Germany.  See Manners of the Germans, s. 28.

BONNA, now Bonn, in the electorate of Cologne.

BONONIA, called by Tacitus Bononiensis; now Bologna, capital of the Bolognese in Italy.

BOSPHORANI, a people bordering on the Euxine; the Tartars.

BOSPHORUS, two straits of the sea so called; one Bosphorus Thracius, now the straits of Constantinople; the other Bosphorus Cimmerius, now the straits of Caffa.

BOVILLAE, a town of Latium, near Mount Albanus; about ten miles from
Rome, on the Appian Road.

BRIGANTES, the ancient inhabitants of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Durham, Westmoreland, and Cumberland.

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