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[Footnote 83:  Epistolae Academicae Oxon., I, p. 177.]

[Footnote 84:  Epistolae Academicae Oxon., I, p. 113.]


=1.  Additional Readings from the Sources.=

MUNRO, D.C. The Mediaeval Student. (Translations and Reprints
   from the Original Sources of European History,
   Vol.  II, No. 3.) The student should not fail to procure
   this little pamphlet, which is a necessary supplement to
   several of the readings in the present collection.  It contains
   useful explanatory notes as well as important documents. 
   Price, ten cents.  Longmans, Green & Co., New
   York City.

ROBINSON, J.H. Readings in European History.  Vol.  I, chap.
   xix, and especially pp. 446-461.  Readings on Abelard,
   Aristotle in the Universities, Roger Bacon.

HENDERSON, E.F. Select Historical Documents of the Middle
, pp. 262-266.  Charter of the University of Heidelberg,

=2.  General References on the History of Mediaeval Universities.=

RASHDALL, HASTINGS. The Universities of Europe in the Middle
.  Oxford:  The Clarendon Press, 1895. 1273 pages,
   2 vols. in three parts.  Much the best work on the subject;
   based on the sources.  Indispensable for reference.

MULLINGER, J.B. Encyclopedia Britannica, Art. Universities.
   “The first tolerably correct (though very brief) account
   which has appeared in English.”  Includes university
   history to 1882.

Encyclopedia Britannica and other encyclopedias.  The student
   who may not have access to works mentioned in this
   list is reminded that brief accounts of the men and the
   subjects here considered are often to be found in good

=3.  Bibliographies.=

The best single collection of references to the extensive literature of the subject is in Rashdall’s work, though this does not include books and articles published since 1895.  Compayre (see below) includes a brief list.  References to sources and secondary works on the Seven Liberal Arts are published by Abelson; references relating to university text-books of Greek origin by Loomis (see below).

=4.  Text-books.=

COMPAYRE, G. Abelard and the Origin and Early History of
New York:  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1892. 
   Still the best single text-book for class use.  Contains
   numerous errors, which should be corrected by comparison
   with Rashdall.

WOODWARD, W.H., editor. Mediaeval Schools and Universities.
   Cambridge Contributions to Modern History, I. New
   York:  G.P.  Putnam’s Sons.  This work, which is still
   in preparation, will probably supersede Compayre.

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