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An interesting part of the Statute of 1254 relates to the length of time to be given to the various books, or groups of books, prescribed.  The entire Old Logic is to be read in about six months (October 1-March 25); the New Logic and Priscian’s Grammar in the same length of time; the Physics, the Metaphysics and On Animals, together, in somewhat more than eight months (October 1-June 25); the four books of the Ethics, alone, in six weeks; On Life and Death is to be completed in one week, and several of the other treatises in the same group are to be read in periods varying from two to five weeks.  Knowledge of these facts renders the list as a whole considerably less imposing than it might otherwise appear.

2.  Books required at Paris in 1366.  In this and all the following examples the books are by Aristotle unless otherwise specified.

For the A.B.: 
  (1) Grammar:  Doctrinale, Alexander da Villa Dei.
  (2) Logic:  The Old and the New Logic, as above.
  (3) Natural Philosophy:  On the Soul.

For the License to teach everywhere: 
  (1) Natural Philosophy:  Physics; On the Heavens and the
      Earth; On Generation and Corruption; Parva Naturalia (see
      p. 143); On Mechanics.
  (2) Mathematics:  “Some books”; probably the treatises required
      at Leipzig in 1410. (See p. 140).
  (3) Politics.
  (4) Rhetoric.

For the A.M.: 
  (1) Ethics.
  (2) Meteorics (3 Bks.).[72]

3.  Books required at Oxford, 1267:  For the A.B. (Determination): 

(1) Logic:  The Old and the New Logic (see p. 140), and On the Six Principles. (2) Either Grammar (selections from Donatus and Priscian), or Natural Philosophy (Physics, On the Soul, and On Generation and Corruption).[73]

For the A.B. in (?) 1408.
  (1) Logic:  The Old and the New Logic in “cursory,” or extraordinary,
      lectures, given by Bachelors; Introduction, Porphyry:  On the
Six Principles, Gilbert de la Porree; Sophistical Refutations.
  (2) Grammar; Barbarismus, Donatus.
  (3) Mathematics:  Arithmetic; Computus ecclesiasticus (Method
      of finding Easter); On the Sphere, Sacrobosco.[74]

4.  Books required at Leipzig for the Degree of A.B. in 1410.[75]

(1) Grammar; Priscian (the last two books). [2 months.]
{Tractatus (Summulae), Petrus Hispanus. [2-1/2-3 months.]
(2) Logic {The “Old” Logic (see Paris, 1254). [3-4 months.]
{The “New” " except Topics. [6-1/2-7 months.]
(3) Nat’l Philosophy {Physics. [6-9 months.]
{On the Soul. [7 weeks-2 months.]
(4) Mathematics; On the Material Sphere (Sacrobosco). [5-6 weeks.]

5.  Books required at Leipzig for the Degree of A.M. in 1410.

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