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The statement at once led to the story of the coming of the two white men and their strange departure.  Grant explained how Zeke and Thomas Jefferson had each made a search, but the two men had disappeared.  It was suspected, however, that they had gone farther into Thorn’s Gulch and were determined to make their own search for the lost claim of Simon Moultrie.

“If they get there first,” said Zeke dryly, “we may have our troubles staking any claim when we come.”

“Well, we shan’t get there unless we start,” declared Fred, whose mood now had changed completely.  “I’m for starting as early as we can get John up to-morrow morning.”

“Never you mind your Uncle John!” declared that worthy individual.  “I shall be ready before you are.”

Whether or not it was the rivalry of the boys that caused them to rise early the following morning is not known, but the sun had not yet appeared above the eastern horizon when after a breakfast, prepared by Zeke and Pete, the Go Ahead Boys, together with the guides and the two Navajos, who now by common consent had become members of the party, once more began their search for the claim which Simon Moultrie had staked.



The party was compelled to move somewhat slowly as Fred and George had not yet entirely recovered from their recent experiences.  Their spirits, however, were high, and in the bracing air of the early morning the troubles of the preceding night were forgotten.

Zeke and Thomas Jefferson led the way while Pete and the other Navajo formed a rear guard.  The packs had been rearranged so that now the burdens were lighter for every one.  Indeed, the loss of the pack which their white visitor had taken had made the guides somewhat anxious concerning the outlook for supplies.  A journey of one hundred miles at least would be required to obtain fresh provisions and at least a week would be necessary if one of the guides should be sent to obtain them.  There might be difficulty too in bringing in the supplies even if they should be obtained.

In a measure the boys reflected the feeling of their leaders, but their confidence in the speedy outcome of their quest was keen and as a consequence other things were ignored or forgotten.

As the morning waned the conversation lagged somewhat and the hour was near when they planned to stop for their noonday meal and rest.  They were now walking along the rim of the great Gulch.  Their pathway had led upward and indeed there were places immediately below them where it was more than doubtful if they would be able to proceed.

At a sudden sharp call from Zeke the remaining members of the party hastened forward to the place where the guide was standing.

“Look ahead of you,” said Zeke.  “Do you see anything?”

“I see rocks and the rim of the Gulch, plenty of sand and lots of sky,” replied Fred glibly.

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