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I. ANTHROPOLOGY.—­The Study of Mankind.—­A review of Prof.  Max Muller’s recent address before the British Association. 13141

II.  Chemistry.—­Standards and Methods for the Polarimetric
      Estimation of Sugars.—­A U.S. internal revenue report on
      the titular subject.—­2 illustrations. 13138

      The Formation of Starch in Leaves.—­An interesting
      examination into the physiological role of leaves.—­1
      illustration. 13138

      The Water Molecule.—­By A. GANSWINDT.—­A very interesting
      contribution to structural chemistry. 13137

III.  Civil engineering.—­Demolition of Rocks under Water
      without Explosives.—­Lobnitz System.—­By Edward S.
      Crawley.—­A method of removing rocks by combined
      dredging and ramming as applied on the Suez Canal.—­3
      illustrations. 13128

IV.  Electricity.—­Electrical Standards.—­The English Board of
      Trade commission’s standards of electrical measurements. 13129

      The London-Paris Telephone.—­By W.H.  Preece,
      F.R.S.—­Details of the telephone between London and
      Paris and its remarkable success.—­6 illustrations. 13131

      The Manufacture of Phosphorus by Electricity.—­A new
      industry based on dynamic electricity.—­Full details. 13132

The Two or Three Phase Alternating Current Systems.—­By Carl Hering.—­A new industrial development in electricity fully described and graphically developed.—­15 illustrations. 13130

V. Geography and exploration.—­The Grand Falls of
      Labrador.—­The Bowdoin College exploring expedition and
      its adventures and discoveries in Labrador. 13140

VI.  Mechanical engineering.—­Improved Changeable Speed
      Gearing.—­An ingenious method of obtaining different speeds
      at will from a single driving shaft.—­2 illustrations. 13129

      Progress in Engineering.—­Notes on the progress of the last
      decade. 13129

VII.  Medicine and hygiene.—­Eyesight.—­Its Care during Infancy
      and Youth.—­By L. Webster Fox, M.D.—­A very timely
      article on the preservation of sight and its deterioration
      among civilized people. 13135

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