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In case gymnastics or breathing exercises are prescribed as part of a treatment they should be executed in strict accordance with the order of the attending hygienic-dietetic physician.

One of the great principles never to be overlooked in gymnastics is, that in order to have the desired effect they must be carried out with the greatest regularity.

As to massage, this requires knowledge of anatomy in general, and of the anatomy of the individual to be treated, in particular.  Only in this way can the desired effect be produced on certain muscles and nerves, with the further consequence that their movements promote the correct and health-giving circulation of the blood.  Here again the governing factor must be the prescription of the hygienic-dietetic physician who has studied the individual case and knows the effect he wishes to produce by means of massage, and how to procure the same.

Books on massage and its general practice without knowledge of the particular case, will really accomplish nothing.


In certain cases, and where it is not a question of general massage, the patient will be able to apply massage for himself according to the physician’s prescription.

In this connection he will find an electric vibrator of valuable assistance.  It will allow him to extend the area of the self-applied massage, but again, it will be useful only to the extent that it is carried out in strict accordance with instructions.


Since the discovery of radio-activity and the many effects which the presence of radium in certain waters and minerals produces on the human body, it has been the special task of research to find means of giving humanity in general the benefit of this important discovery.

The radium preparation, called “Oxygenator,” possesses the quality of oxidizing about five times as quickly as any other known substance, and thus removing the degenerated and diseased cells of the human body accordingly.

This material itself, as well as other combinations of radio products and salts I use and prescribe for half or whole baths, as the case may require.

They are of the greatest assistance in carrying out the course of treatment in each individual case.  What in former times could be effected only through expensive trips to the few famous healing springs of the world, can now be accomplished in the comfort of the home or the sanatorium.  But these measures, too, should be followed only in strict accordance with the physician’s orders, bearing in mind that there is such a thing as “too much” even of so valuable an energizer as this.


Having given, in the foregoing paragraphs, a brief description of the course of healing which I advocate, I am now about to give a short explanation of the different methods to be applied in treating various forms of disease, all of which have been already explained as degenerations of the twelve tissues of the body.  This will enable patients to apply the prescriptions given to their individual cases.

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