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Patients who suffer from cold feet should take a steam foot bath before applying cold foot packs.

Since the legs and the feet develop less heat than the abdomen, leg and foot packs do not require as thick material as abdominal packs, and are changed less frequently.  They are best applied when the fever is at its height, in the late afternoon and at night.  In case leg packs are continued for a long while, the legs show decreasing inclination to grow sufficiently warm.  Whenever this occurs, leg packs must be discontinued, or the packed legs must be warmed in an artificial manner.

The diverting wrist packs are of special value, especially in all acute diseases of the lungs (inflammations, bleedings, hemorrhages) and the heart.


This is made by folding a piece of linen fourfold, long enough to reach twice around the neck.  It is dipped in the vinegar-water at from 59 degrees to 64 degrees, placed around the neck and some woollen material wound over it, covering well the moist linen.

The neck pack has its effect on the inside of the neck in case of tonsilitis, croup, etc.

If stiffness of the neck, headache or similar pains are felt after its use, the moist linen should not be extended to the back part of the neck but only the front and sides.

Where the effect is to be extended to the trachea and its branches, the bronchia and the tips of the lungs, especially in the case of cough, it is still better to apply the following: 


For this purpose a short towel is folded into a strip of about a hand’s width, extending from one of the nipples across the opposite shoulder, around the neck, to the other nipple.

[Illustration:  No. 4]

A woollen shawl or fabric, fastened together with a safety pin, must cover the moist towel completely.  The shoulder pack is always applied together with the abdominal pack.  It is put on first, and the two ends are pulled under the abdominal pack, and then fastened.

[Illustration:  No. 5]


The Scotch pack is of the greatest advantage in all diseases of the trachea and the lungs, also in case of whooping cough.

Two towels are sewn together lengthwise and, as a moist pack, are placed over the breast of the patient so that the seam will be in the center.  The ends are crossed over the back, one end is brought forward over the left and one over the right shoulder; then the ends are crossed once more and tucked under.  A woollen shawl or covering is placed over the moist towels as usual, so that it completely covers the moist pack.  The ends are tucked under the pack in front.  The pack is fastened with safety pins where the ends cross.


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