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In no case will a chronic ailment be the consequence of an acute disease, provided the same is dealt with in a natural way, according to the principles of biological hygienic treatment.

In order to bring about the complete excretion of all autotoxins and, in case of inflammation, the complete absorption of all products thereof, it is necessary to continue the lengthy packs even during the period of convalescence, and not to stop immediately the fever and inflammation have somewhat disappeared.  This is a mistake which is frequently committed, and the fault is then laid at the door of the biological hygienic system.  Any relapse, or succeeding illness, will be avoided by continuing the packs for four to six weeks after the disease has been cured, applying them during the night and at first also during the day-time, from two to three hours.

While most people understand the cooling effect of a pack, the important diverting, dissolving and excreting effect is rarely understood.  Few people understand why ablutions, abdominal and leg packs are prescribed in case of inflammation of the eyes; why, in case of ulcers, besides compresses on the part affected, nightly abdominal packs and ablutions in the morning, are considered indispensable; and why, in case of inflammation of one leg, the healthy leg is also subjected to a pack.

And yet the explanation is very simple, rational and logical.

In limiting packs, in case of inflammation, to the inflamed part only, the blood current would be directed mainly to the one place, and the excretion of autotoxins from the body would only occur in the inflamed place.  The blood would carry all diseased matter principally to the diseased spot and deposit it there.  The inflamed organ would thus be burdened with work which it simply would not be able to perform.  The effect is far otherwise when the pressure of blood into the diseased part is moderated, if the dissolution and excretion of the matter that causes the disease, takes place, not in one spot only, but is distributed over the entire body.  If the entire skin comes into action, the entire body participates in the healing process.  In biological hygienic-dietetic practice it is, consequently, not sufficient to treat the one diseased organ only.  In all diseases the co-operation of the entire body in a general treatment, remains the main issue of the biological, hygienic therapy.  It regards the human body, as so often stated, purely as a unit, and knows neither specialist nor special cures.  This is the key to its success.


For use in packs take coarse, previously used and loosely woven linen, which readily absorbs water and clings closely to the body.

After each pack the linen must be rinsed well and boiled and the woollen material or blanket must be thoroughly aired.  From time to time the woollen covering must be washed, or chemically cleaned, if possible.

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