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Inflammation is the result of coagulation of the blood-albumen; congestion is its sequal, inflammation and decomposition of the tissues its climax.  The last is nearly always fatal.

The manifest object therefore to be achieved in all such cases is to restore the normal fluidity and circulation of the blood without unduly taxing any vital organ.  Thus, for instance, hot packs on the feet draw the blood towards the feet, where no vital organs exist.  Hot packs act as an absorbent, by suction; cold packs, on the affected place, act in inverse ratio as an expelling force.  The two operating conjointly promote full circulation and extend the absorbing tendency to the whole system.

Ice, on the other hand, though not infrequently prescribed, is too strong a force.  It contracts the blood vessels, arrests normal circulation, and in many cases is the direct cause of death.  This is attested by the teaching of physiological law which maintains that any part of the human system which is not fed by fresh oxygenous blood must decompose.

Packs, of course, must be regulated in accordance with the vital strength of the patient, as indicated by the physician; for in the course of the excretion of morbid matter through the pores, under the influence of the packs, a certain proportion of accompanying healthy substance is necessarily exuded simultaneously, with a slightly weakening tendency.  This however can be promptly and effectively replaced by proper alimentation, or food selection in accordance with the Dech-Manna Diet System already particularized.

One other matter it is advisable to deal with in advance and that is the Nature of the Vinegar to be employed for Packs.

It must be borne in mind that for this purpose an absolutely pure natural product should be obtained.

I recommend, in the first place a genuine Apple Cider Vinegar; for apples not alone contain the pure acetic acid but also some five or six other fruit acids which are so beneficial for the purpose of keeping the blood at normal temperature and normal fluidity, and contain also a considerable amount of the essentials known under the head of vitamines.

As a secondary alternative I would recommend Wine Vinegar for the same purpose.

The manufacturers vinegar product—­Acetic acid, should never the used as it contains, very frequently, harmful ingredients.

It should never be forgotten that the substances used for the purpose of packs, and thus absorbed into the system, become a part of the blood and therefore cannot be too pure.

The reader will doubtless observe from the foregoing demonstration that the Dechmann System of Therapy differs materially from the science of the Old-School of Medicine in that it is not based upon evanescent theories of hairsplitting philosophy but upon the solid basis of cold-blooded fact.

Why then, the reader will inquire, should so wonderful and at the same time simple, inexpensive and easily applied remedy be treated by “the faculty” with an affectation of indulgent toleration, ridicule or “damning with faint praise.”

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