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To accustom children to the use of water and ablutions is one of the important duties of motherhood.

A healthy child should be washed once every day with water at 59 degrees to 64 degrees.  The best way to wash the child is to put two chairs in front of its bed.  On one of them place the vessel with the necessary water, on the other place the child, after it has been disrobed in bed, in a standing position, so that it can be supported with the back of the chair.  The ablution is performed by means of strong application with the hands, dipped into the water, and is repeated several times.  Then the shirt is put on again, and the child is allowed to stay well covered in bed for another 15 minutes.

Children must become accustomed to gargling as early as possible, and to draw water up through the nose, or to remove it from the mouth through the nose.  This is very valuable and facilitates the treatment of children in case of disease.


It appears opportune at this juncture, and before entering upon the detailed description of the modern healing system of Vinegar Packs, included in the prescribed course of Physical Treatments which follow, to make a few rational remarks illustrative of the physical significance and scientific basis of a branch of therapy which largely amongst the laity, through ignorance, and more so amongst the regular medical fraternity, for reasons of their own, is too frequently lightly regarded by the one and diplomatically depreciated by the other.

In this manner one of the most potent and logical modern factors in the healing of disease would be conveniently consigned to the back ground in company with other simple but unremunerative truths, but for the timely intervention of the new and enlightened school of independent medicine of which the Biological or Hygienic Dietetic Method of Healing is the outcome.

The wonderful efficacy of natural Vinegar upon the organism and its employment in the form of Vinegar Packs and compresses dates back probably to the early traditions of the healing art, but scientific analysis of its subtle operation upon the system through the vital fluid has been left for the scientific research of today to determine.

To those of the public—­or the profession—­therefore, who are not conversant with the subject the following notes may be valuable as descriptive of the why and wherefore of the use of Vinegar.

It will be admitted, I think, that one of the most prolific sources of disease, in innumerable forms, is that of congestion of blood.  The greatest danger of such congestion is inflammation.  Should inflammation occur in or near a vital organ and fail to be promptly reduced and its cause (coagulation) removed, the result is decomposition—­and decomposition, if not arrested means death.

The most valuable—­I might almost say infallible—­remedy known, even to the greatest accepted authorities of physiology, for the prevention of inflammation is acetic acid in diluted form, or, in a word, Vinegar, as a restorer of the fluidity of the blood.

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