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  No.  Per oz.  Per lb.

I.    Plasmogen               $0.75    $ 8.00
II.    Lymphogen                1.00     10.67
III.   Neurogen                 1.50     16.00
IV.    Osseogen                 1.00     10.67
V.    Muscogen                 1.00     10.67
VI.    Mucogen                  1.00     10.67
VII.   Dento & Ophthogen        1.50     16.00
VIII.  Capillogen               1.50     16.00
IX.    Dermogen                 1.50     16.00
X.    Gelatinogen              1.50     16.00
XI.    Cartilogen               1.50     16.00
XII.   Eubiogen                 2.00     21.35
Same with sacch. lact. radio   2.50     26.67

A reduction of 33-1/3% on the prices per pound will be allowed on all the above products as quoted in the second column.

A. Radio emanation tablet (5,000 volts);
Per tablet                               $ 1.50
Bath salts, original composition,  lb.     1.00
B. Eubiogen Liquid  (a) oz. 0.75  (b) oz.     1.00
pt. 8.00      pt.    10.67
C. Tonogen          (a) oz. 0.50  (b) oz.     0.75
pt. 5.33      pt.     8.00
J. Anti-Phosphate   (a) oz. 0.50  (b) oz.     0.75
lb. 5.33      lb.     8.00

Copies of the Handbook “Dare To Be Healthy” Second Edition, may be procured at 75c for the paper-bound edition and $1.50 for the leather-bound edition.


As I have already stated, it is necessary in disease to assist the process of regulating the circulation and opening the body to the full benefit of the dietetic and nutritive salts treatment by applying a number of physical treatments, in each case, which, for convenience sake, I have divided into ten different groups, some of which may need to be applied simultaneously in certain cases.

They are as follows: 

  23.  Ablutions with vinegar and water, 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water.

  24.  Abdominal packs, vinegar and water, dito

  25.  Partial packs: 
      (a) Vinegar and water, dito
      (b) Radium and salts.

  26.  Partial packs: 
      (a) Arms.
      (b) Legs.
      (c) Neck.
      (d) Shoulder.

  27.  Three-quarter packs, vinegar and water, dito

  28.  Gymnastics.

  29.  Massage.

  30.  Breathing Exercises.

  31.  Oxygenator Baths.

  32.  Radium and Salt Baths.
      (a) Half.
      (b) Whole.

NOTE—­=The Vinegar= indicated to be used for these treatments, and in all similar treatments, packs, or ablutions, prescribed, is the natural, or what is known as “Apple Cider Vinegar.”  The manufactured or ordinary table vinegar, as made from chemicals, is not suitable for the purpose.

From these groups a treatment is usually prescribed in each and every case of disease.

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