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In combination with Plasmogen, taken alternately, it is really indespensable in all the diseases mentioned above.  Many a life has been saved through the use of this combination.  It is one of my standard home remedies, and my own family would not think of allowing themselves to be without it for a single day, for, as they say, one never knows when it may be required.

Dose:  One teaspoonful tonogen with three teaspoonfuls of granulated sugar in a tumbler of water, to be taken slowly, once or twice daily.  In cases of diabetes and arterio-sclerosis the dose should be 20 to 25 drops tonogen in a teaspoonful of milk sugar 1 to 3 times daily.  Pregnancy is a contra-indication to the use of tonogen.


The following compositions are also used especially in specific cases.

=(D).  Tea.  Diabetic. Dechmann.=

Description:  Compound of many herbs (powdered) found beneficial to the diabetic system.

=(E).  Tea.  Laxagen. Kneipp.=

Description:  Compound of several herbs (powdered) approved by the celebrated Kneipp in cases of chronic constipation.

=(F).  Salve.  Lenicet. Reiss.=

Description:  The most beneficial salve in case of inflamed wounds, boils or exanthematous eruptions.

=(G).  Massage Emulsion. Dechmann.=

Description:  Consists of the finest ethereal oils and other ingredients useful and valuable, yet absolutely harmless, in case of nerve or muscular pains, applied as a liniment.

=(H).  Propionic acid.=

Description:  The product of various herbs known for their high percentage of propionic acid; applied in case of catarrh in the form of atomized steam.

=(I).  Oxygen Powder. Hensel.=

Description:  A composition of sugar, gum tragacanth (traganth) and citric acid, used in the form of lemonade in case of high carbonic acid poisoning.

=(J).  Anti-Phosphate. Dechmann.=

(Otherwise termed “Negative Compound.”)

Description:  Contains all basic salts as sulphates, thus acting as the governor of a machine; that is it prevents the accumulation of too much phosphate in the blood, which would promote the formation of all fungus growths. (See paragraph in the article, “Importance of the Mineral Constituents in our food").

* * * * *

A copy of my wholesale price list as given in 1915—­before we entered the war—­may give you a fair idea of the price of my compositions.  Since that time, most of the ingredients of these remedies have increased from four to ten times in value.  The reader can easily judge therefrom of the fairness of the present values.  I may say that most of the compositions are listed at only one-fourth to one-third advance, notwithstanding the high cost of chemicals.  This fact will absolve me, I think, of any tendency to profiteering.

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