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This composition is in liquid form and intended for babies and very feeble invalids.  It contains nearly all the constituents of No.  XII, Eubiogen, but in such a form that even the infant can safely partake of it, with rapid regenerative results.  Thus the degeneration of inherited or predisposed conditions or weak tissues will be prevented.

Dose:  From one-half to three teaspoonfuls a day, pure or diluted in milk, according to the individual directions given.  As a fermentative agent I know of nothing better, and through the formation of gases, acidity of the stomach will be prevented, perfect digestion assured and consequently health and normal conditions restored.



As a beverage Tonogen scientifically speaking, stands at the head of all chemical achievements in drinks.  Therapeutically, there is nothing that could be more beneficial to the human system.  It contains the fundamental constituents of normal blood and nerve cells in such form that even the weakest and most sensitive digestion will readily respond to its influence.  This compound is absolutely free from all deleterious chemicals; as a tonic it is stimulating and strengthening and as a beverage it is so palatable that few will hesitate to pronounce its taste delicious.

In all cases of acute febrile diseases, also in chronic forms of these diseases, as well as in climatic fevers, it is wonderfully effective in supporting the healing process of nature.

From a physiologico-chemical standpoint, it has been thus described: 

Tonogen is the acme of chemical perfection, both as a tonic and as a beverage.  It is the captured and crystalized outcome of years of scientific observation focussed upon the true ingredients of healthy blood cells as viewed from both the theoretical and practical biological standpoint.  It represents, in fact, a life study of the science of life, in a concrete form of body-cell invigorator suitable to all mankind, from earliest infancy to advancing age, and this of a nature equally digestible and assimilable to both.  After but a brief experience of this seductive beverage, it may speedily be felt how, once digested and assimilated, it courses through the lymph channels and lacteal vessels and, by the familiar route of the Chyle passes into the heart, where joined with the blood of that organ, it produces a sensation of liquifaction.  In its course, by way of the arteries, it gradually reaches the external glands, warms the limbs and, in a manner electrifies them.  In the body, it suffuses the pancreas and other glands and the intestines, mingles with the fluids existing in the glands and with the oily salts of the bile; and whatever impurities (autotoxins), may be there it drives in the form of excrement and urine completely out of the body.  Thus in its free and ample scope is all the ground of all the intricate vital processes of physiology covered in its course and the active principles of the excretions of skin, kidneys and intestines are made visible at a glance.

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