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1 Pound of Powdered Egg-Albumen represents the total egg-albumen contents
of 116 Eggs.

1 Pound of Powdered Milk-Albumen represents the total milk-albumen of 25
pints of Milk.

1 Pound of Blood-Iron represents 250 pounds of Haemoglobin.

(The cost of Haemoglobin is $4.50 per pound,
the value, therefore, of 1 pound of Haemin or
Blood-Iron is $1,125—­)



In addition to the twelve Dech-Manna Compositions mentioned before, I have composed three others that are most important and are to be used practically and in various doses; the first and the third should be used in nearly every treatment of patients suffering from constitutional diseases, while the second is the remedy which takes the place of Eubiogen when the patients are babies or very weak.



This consists of radium emanation tablets or powders and the necessary bath salts for the decarbonization of the system in all cases of what is called auto-intoxication.  They have a wonderful effect on the metabolism of the human organism, and increase the oxidation of all diseased cells that poison the system.  The radium tablets are officially guaranteed and the bath salts are the result of many years study in balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, and have demonstrated their effectiveness by the wonderful results that have been obtained during the last thirty years.  Rheumatism, gout, arterio-sclerosis, etc., cannot exist in the system when these baths have been taken for a certain length of time.  I rarely undertake a treatment for disease of this kind without them.


For a half or partial bath fill the bath two-thirds full of water at 90 deg. to 98 deg..  Use one pound of bath salts.  Mix and dissolve them completely in the water.  As soon as dissolved, put two of the oxygenator radium tablets into the water, one at the head and one at the foot of the bath, allowing one-half to one minute for dissolving.  Mix very slowly and quietly in order not to release too much of the radium emanation.

Lie in the bath very quietly for 20 to 25 minutes, with cold compresses on the head.  Then open the cold water faucet, begin to move about in the bath, sit up and wash face and chest with cold water.  Let the cold water run into the bath until you notice some signs of “goose-flesh,” then get out and rub down well with a good Turkish towel.

Never remain alone while taking this kind of a bath.  Stop the bath immediately if any feeling of faintness is experienced.  Drink a glass of Tonogen, or other refreshment.


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