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In order to bring this product within the reach of all classes, the same has been compounded in three different forms: 

Form aaa. contains radio-activity, haemin, lecithin, glycerophosphates and all other constituents of the highest purity.

Form aa. contains haemin, lecithin, glycerophosphates and all other constituents of the highest purity.

Form a. contains haemoglobin, glycerophosphates and all other constituents (chemically pure.)

For the use of babies and very feeble invalids, special composition B (see appendix) may take the place of Eubiogen, since it contains nearly all of its constituent elements in a form that can be assimilated by either.  It will regenerate the invalid as fast as his condition will allow, and is the salvation of weak children.

(c).  As to when Eubiogen should be administered, the rule is simple.

Whenever any of the Dech-Manna Compositions are given, Eubiogen should be given in smaller or larger doses, as the case may require, remembering that its most important task is to rebuild and regenerate the body so that it may readily perform its fullest functions and transmit the power unimpared to posterity.

(d). Dose:  The dose may vary considerably, from 1 to 3 times a day.  Generally a dose consists of 1 gram or one-fourth of a heaping teaspoonful.

The composition may be combined with any kind of food, or may be given in separate form with chocolate in equal parts.

There are endless ways in which my remedies may be administered, since they are merely concentrated cell-food.

It must be definitely understood at the outset that these remedies must be absolutely and entirely dissociated with the idea of so-called “medicine," prescribed by the old-school doctor, which has nothing whatsoever in common with my “remedies,” since these contain the real constituents of our body-cells and not poisonous chemical concoctions, known as medicines, which may in some cases suppress symptoms, but never will and never can remove the constitutional cause or condition of disease.


  =The Human Body= consists of: 

83.0% Water         \
0.9% Minerals      |
3.8% Albumen       |  Solid constituents
2.5% Fat           |     only 17%
9.8% Carbohydrates |
------               |
100.0%               /

=Eubiogen= consists of: 

9.0% Minerals. (Chiefly Glycerophosphates,
Haemin or Blood-Iron and organized
minerals) 10 times concentrated.

33.5% Albumen. (Egg, Milk and
Vegetable-Albumen) 9 " "

15.0% Fats. (Chiefly Cacao,
Glycerin fats, Lecithin) 6 " "
(Note.—­Lecithin is
made from fresh yolks
of egg.)

42.5% Carbohydrates (Chiefly
Malt Extract, Milk,
Sugar etc.)                    5   "        "
------                                   Of the original amount
100.0% Solid Constituents.               in the human body.


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