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familiar with physiological chemistry—­that is, life chemistry, which teaches the composition of the tissues.  The law of chemotaxis will explain it.  The lymphatic system also plays a great part in constitutional diseases of the blood.  Every degeneration of the blood cells, or dysaemia, is influenced more or less by the perfect condition of the lymphatic fluid.  All cachectic or morbid nutrition conditions are due to imperfect lymph.

(b).  Lymphogen contains all the organic minerals in the same proportion in which they are contained in perfect lymph, and if taken as directed, will always restore the lymphatic system and allow it to perform its important function.

(c).  The great importance of perfect lymph will be understood from the previous remarks, especially those pertaining to the feeding of the whole nervous system.  If the lymphatic system is impeded by underfeeding or inanition of the nerve-cells, how can any one with common sense expect such a system to be in perfect working order and harmony?  This applies particularly to those constitutional diseases where the lymphatic system and the lymph itself are degenerating through causes due to heredity, predisposition or acquisition of such conditions.

(d). Dose:  Twice daily I gram or one-fourth heaping teaspoonful or, if in tablet form, I tablet, dry or with a little water or in foodstuffs; to be taken at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. or as specially directed.


(a).  The nerves are the cord-like structures which convey impulses from one part of the body to another.

The tremendous importance of their absolute health is obvious, since the co-operation of all parts of the human body depends upon it, while, on the other hand, their very delicate structure exposes them to numerous and easily acquired forms of disease.

(b).  This composition contains all the constituents required to generate nerve tissue.  The most important and expensive is lecithin.  Pure lecithin, the kind I use, is made from the yolks of fresh eggs.  In this composition I supply nutritive cell-food for generating lecithin in exactly the same form in which it is found in a healthy, perfect nerve-cell.  It is absolutely digestible and assimilable, and is triturated with the finest milk sugar.

(c).  All morbid conditions caused by imperfect nerve-cells can be regenerated through this composition as long as there is some foundation left on which to work.

Under an endless variety of names—­as a matter of fact, a big book would not be sufficient to describe all so-called “nervous diseases”—­it can be readily seen in what a brainless way some “nerve specialists” classify patients of this kind.  Not knowing the constituents of the nerve-cells, they still attempt to prescribe for neurasthenic patients.  The results are in accordance with such travesty of treatment.  The increase in the number of Insane Asylums gives, or should give, a true picture of existing conditions.  What is needed is a little more knowledge of physiological chemistry, but as it is too much to expect of the ordinary so-called “nerve specialist” to be familiar with this science, we must per force be content with the prevailing condition, that is, a condition characterized by ignorance of the most vital laws of being.

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