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This trituration is a manual process and requires some three hours steady and continuous rubbing of the ingredients with pestle and mortar, for each separate composition.

All my compositions should be kept in a dry and cool place.  It is best to put them into wide-mouthed bottles with glass stoppers, as they are all hygroscopic, that is, sensitive to moisture.


Plasmogen—­Blood-plasma producer. (The red and white blood-corpuscles are produced by using Eubiogen, XII).

(a).  Blood-plasma, is the habitat of the red and white blood-corpuscles.

It can be readily understood that the more sanitary a place, the better will be the condition of those who live in it.  Therefore, the plasma, (blood-plasma), must first be made as perfect as possible in accordance with the teachings of science and especially of biology,—­a theory which my own experience has proved to be correct.

No matter how perfect the red or white corpuscles may be, if they live in diseased blood-plasma, they cannot perform their functions properly and, as a consequence, the resistant power of the system is crippled.

(b).  Plasmogen contains all the constituents in the proportions in which they should be contained in perfect plasma.

The Law of the Minimum teaches that if one of the ingredients is lacking in the food, the cells must become diseased.  This the great Justus v.  Liebig emphasized when he said:  “If the most minute component is lacking, the rest cannot perform their functions.”  Taken as directed, the plasmogen is also in its natural dosage.

It was only after years of ardent study that I was enabled to produce this composition in the perfect form in which it is furnished today.

Since the plasmogen contains all the salts necessary to keep the blood in perfect harmony, the circulation as well as the resistant power will be maintained, the heart relieved, the fighting capacity of the white corpuscles strengthened, and therefore the power of disease very greatly reduced.

(c).  In all cases of constitutional disease, plasmogen is used to bring about a proper regeneration and preservation of the blood-cells.  In all cases of acute, febrile diseases its purpose is to bring about a proper circulation and fluid condition of the blood-cells.

The most wonderful results will accrue through the use of plasmogen in all acute febrile cases, particularly in the case of children; also by using the same as directed in individual cases of constitutional diseases.  It is indispensable in producing bactericide blood, which is necessary to regenerate the body-cells.  Therefore, I recommend It in all Regenerative Treatments.

How many thousands of children may be saved by this single remedy alone only the biologist who has studied life according to the teachings of nature’s laws, is able to appreciate today.  It will take some time before the general medical practitioner will realize the truth of this statement, because the old-school medicine does not teach these facts.

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