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article upon the wonderful success he had secured with my prescriptions.  Not satisfied with this, however, he conceived a brilliant idea of great possibilities of future income to be derived therefrom.  He left South Africa and came to America, the country of unlimited possibilities, and settled in Los Angeles, California, where he floated a company, which sells my copyrighted prescriptions for poultry feeding, to all and sundry as specifics for all possible and impossible ailments.  This ambitious gentleman even went so far as to offer my labouriously earned discoveries to the United States Government.—­But further comment is unnecessary!

This is but one of numerous instances of the kind some of which are embodied in a little treatise I have published, free to my friends, entitled “A Message to the Thinker.”

Patients sometimes ask me what my methods have in common with “Schuessler’s Tissue Remedies.”

I answer:  Nothing—­absolutely nothing, as the explanation will show.

Schuessler’s therapy claims that the minerals are needful to build up the system; but he only uses one trillionth part of a gram and imagines that the remainder is to be found in the food.  Now anybody with a fair understanding can easily figure that if a patient of middle age eventually loses through disease about 200 grams of lime, it is simply a farce to claim that the above dose of 1/100,000,000,000 of a gram (which is the homeopathic dose of Schuessler), will cure or replace the lime which was lost.

There are other equally erroneous pretentions in Schuessler’s therapy which are really too silly to go into in detail.  Time and space are too valuable to squander on any such puerile hypothesis.


It may be well to preface this summary of prescriptions with the following explanatory remarks; namely,

(1) That while my compositions are usually taken in the form of powders, they may be taken in the form of capsules or tablets, in which case the dose given is always exact.

They may also be mixed with Eubiogen or various kinds of food, except where this is strictly forbidden by the physician.

Such mixtures cannot be harmful, since they consist of components from which our body-cells are constructed.  They may be taken either singly, or as compounds.

(2) As regards the matter of quantities:—­

Whenever one-fourth teaspoonful is mentioned, the meaning is that one-fourth of a heaping teaspoonful be taken.

Whenever a level one-fourth teaspoonful is meant, as in the case of plasmogen, it is because the basic remedy is heavier and, therefore, the smaller quantity renders an equal amount in weight.

Every dose mentioned herein contains the exact amount of the necessary constituents, and the harmonious system of dosage which I have worked out, consists of reducing every compound dosage to one gram, which weight is equal to about one quarter teaspoonful of the regular preparation, made lighter and fluffier through trituration with milk-sugar.

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