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No.  1.  Plasmogen         Bloodplasma-Producer. 
No.  2.  Lymphogen         Lymph-Cell-Producer. 
No.  3.  Neurogen          Nerve-cell-Producer. 
No.  4.  Osseogen          Bone-cell-Producer. 
No.  5.  Muscogen          Muscle-cell-Producer. 
No.  6.  Mucogen           Mucous membrane-cell-Producer. 
No.  7.  Dento-Ophthogen   Tooth and Eye-cell-Producer. 
No.  8.  Capillogen        Hair-cell-Producer. 
No.  9.  Dermogen          Skin-cell-Producer. 
No. 10.  Gelatinogen       Gelatigenous-cell-Producer. 
No. 11.  Cartilogen        Cartilage-cell-Producer. 
No. 12.  Eubiogen          Healthy body-cell-Producer.

In addition to these I use only a few specialities in certain cases of disease, viz.: 

  A. Oxygenator A radium emanation for the bath. 
  B. Eubiogen Liquid Same as No. 12, but liquid form. 
  C. Tonogen A stimulating tonic. 
  D. Tea.  Diabetic, Dechmann
  E. Tea.  Laxagen, after Kneipp
  F. Salve.  Lenicet, after Dr. Reiss
  G. Massage Emulsion, Dechmann
  H. Propionic acid for steam atomizer
  I. Oxygen Powder, after Hensel
  J. Anti-Phosphate, Dechmann

(These specialities are used only in certain individual cases, according to prescription).


In discussing the various preparations of Dech-Manna-Diet, I refrain from detailed prescription and analysis.  My intention is to explain them in such a way that it may become apparent to everyone that they are rational remedies for every properly diagnosed constitutional disease.  If I should do more than this, it would be simply placing a premium upon unscrupulous imitations.  For the present therefore, I prefer to have the remedies prepared exclusively by accredited and absolutely reliable chemists of first class local standing, in order that I may myself assume the entire responsibility.  In cases of illness, however, it is always necessary to consult a biological-hygienic physician.  The Dech-Manna-Diet remedies, for the time being, will always be obtainable on application to myself, to be administered in accordance with such medical directions.  I trust that very shortly when official and general recognition will permit, I shall be enabled to entrust the detailed prescriptions to a wider circle of practising physicians and chemists.

In order to illustrate how necessary it is to abstain from more detailed description of my remedies, I will cite but one of several incidents which happened to me in course of practice.

In the year 1905, I wrote a number of articles for the “Reliable Poultry Journal” on the scientific feeding of chickens, and gave, amongst other tables, two food-formulas of the mineral contents of chicken food rations. (Both formulas were copyrighted).  I gave the same gratis, for private personal use.  A certain “Chicken Specialist” from the Orange River Colony, South Africa, first wrote a glowing

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