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Based upon this firm foundation, we term the new departure the “Natural Method of Healing.”

The greatest physicians of all time, from Hippocrates to our own day, were satisfied to be simply natural physicians.  They were not satisfied to merely suppress the symptoms of suffering and to quiet the sufferer by abnormal appliances.  Their higher, more ambitious aim was to reach the active source of distress—­and in this they succeeded.

For, not only did they achieve where others failed, but, in addition to healing, they also prevented the recurrence of disease, and, more noteworthy still, they established a system of Prophylactic Therapy, which is the highest function of the healing art; namely, the prevention of disease by treatment before full development, or, in other words, the preservation of health.

It is not the object of this brief brochure to enter into the devious details which a full explanation of this practical, successful, modern method would require.  It is designed merely for those who, after experiencing disappointment and failure in other directions, have had recourse, as a last alternative, to advice and assistance, from myself.

Such patients, as a rule, have heard of my method from others; have heard that it differs widely, in its frank simplicity, from the empty pomposity of the old-school “orthodox” elements, though of the principles of the old-school teaching they have really little or no conception, beyond a crude, unwholesome, fear of the unknown, consequent upon the, very necessary, veil of mystery with which its votaries surround themselves—­a semi-superstitious sentiment inherited from a malignant past and one which does little credit to the vaunted modern civilization of today.

On this point of difference they ask for enlightenment, and naturally enquire as to the nature of both, but especially of this new hope which is held out to them as a refuge in their hour of despair.

This information it is equally my duty and my desire to give, and in the most convenient and simple form, shorn of all shroud of mystery; for my object is to educate and not to conceal.

It is my chief desire that patients should thoroughly understand the methods and principles of the New-School of Healing and should exercise their own intelligence as to its merits as compared with the old, and, being once thoroughly convinced—­not by faith, or fear, or fashion, nor yet biased by the unfair influence of the false prestige of a legalized monopoly detrimental to the interest of the people—­they should forthwith honestly test the new deliverance by faithfully following my advice and instruction, to their own unfailing ultimate benefit and relief.

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