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The dissemination of this knowledge and the production of such foods would make America the ALMA MATER of the world in scientific nutrition, thanks to the application of physiological chemistry.  As things are now done in agriculture and in aviculture, however, very little can be expected along this line.
I will give you two concrete illustrations of what can be done in the way of augmenting the mineral content of food, and then I will point out the significance of that fact.  We will consider eggs:  ordinarily 100 grams of egg yolk contains from 10 to 20 milligrams of iron, but eggs laid by hens fed by my method yield from 30 to 80 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of dried yolk.  This is an increase, as you see, of between 300 and 400 per cent.  Such eggs might be justly classed as haemoglobin eggs, and they would be a godsend to our boys suffering from anaemia due to wounds or operations.  At the same time, my method of handling chickens greatly enriches the lecithin, or nerve substance, in the eggs, and they are, therefore, of special value in dealing with cases of shell shock and nerve exhaustion.
What is true in the case of iron and lecithin content of eggs produced by my method, is equally true with respect to their content of all the other essential mineral elements; they are all multiplied several times.

     This is made possible of accomplishment by the application of the
     principles of physiological chemistry to the breeding and feeding
     of the poultry.

Needless to say, I am prepared to submit to the test of scientific examination of my claims.  No, not merely a theoretical examination of myself, but, rather, to submit the claim I make for eggs produced under my direction to the test of chemical analysis.  It is a very easy matter to determine thereby whether my claims are well founded.
I cannot state my desire to serve the government in this way too strongly; as I have spent more than thirty years of my life in the study of biology and physiological chemistry, I feel that it is my duty to offer to the Government the benefits of my knowledge and experience.  All that I can ask in this connection is to be given an opportunity to prove that my claims are sound and practical.
I believe that you will realize the full value of such a course of action as outlined, if it can be proven practicable.  The opportunity of offering proof under direction of the proper branch of government is, I repeat, all that I ask at the moment, as the results will tell their own story far more eloquently than mere words.

     Thanking you for giving this matter your attention, and trusting
     that my hope of serving in the ranks of those seeking to rebuild
     our boys will not prove vain, I am, Sir,

     Yours truly,


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