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The disarrangement of the habits of life of our civilian population, and the physical needs of our boys who will return from Europe wounded and crippled, prompts me to offer my services to the Government for the development of specially enriched foodstuffs to maintain the health of our people under the strain of the war, but particularly to aid in the speedy recovery of our boys who return shattered from the trenches.  I have spent more than thirty years in the study of physiological chemistry and biology, and this study has been devoted to the application of scientific principles in the treatment of various diseases.
Hitherto our food experts and medical men have been satisfied with a ration properly balanced as regards protein, carbohydrates and fat, but the mineral salts in our food have been given little if any serious consideration.  Indeed, they have usually been dismissed as “ash.”  As a matter of fact, however, as the statement I am sending you under separate cover will show clearly, even to a layman, mineral salts perform an important function in keeping the body strong and healthy.
I am prepared to demonstrate that the quantity of essential minerals in vegetables, small fruit and eggs can be multiplied several times by scientific fertilization and nutrition.  If I can do this (and I am prepared to prove that I can) the Government should be willing to arrange for the production of such foods in connection with every military hospital and convalescent camp, both here at home and behind the lines in Europe.  Moreover, given a central experimental station with proper equipment, it would be an easy matter to train men to teach this knowledge to soldiers at every reconstruction camp.
The statement is made by Dr. Mae H. Cardwell, of Portland, Oregon, one of the investigators for the Federal Children’s Bureau that millions of children are suffering from lack of sufficient food and from improper feeding, and she adds that not only the parents but the doctors, in many cases, need education with respect to what constitutes proper feeding for children.  I think that when you have read and digested my statement of the function of the mineral salts in the human economy, you will agree with me that the need for just what I am asking the government to give me an opportunity of doing is very great indeed.

     I trust that I may count upon your co-operation, not only in
     getting this matter before the proper officials, but also in seeing
     that an opportunity for a fair demonstration is accorded me.

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