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The studious physician of our century will hardly expect to accomplish by force, through some strange drug or other, that which only nature can bring about when assisted by all the rational accessories of hygiene and dietetics.

Nature alone can furnish the beneficient means, sufficient for all needs,”—­which the science of medicine never has afforded and never can.

As we survey the civilization of our age and its medical science, we see, on the one hand, the crude superstitions of the masses, the subtler superstitions of the educated classes; gross materialism, bewildering Darwinism, pessimism, and degenerate political economy; on the other hand, unmitigated quackery and cupidity, with its weight of oppression on humanity,—­everywhere confusion instead of harmony.

Very surely,—­and perhaps more speedily than we think—­a reaction will come, when our present degenerate system of medical subterfuge—­misnamed science—­will have passed away, to be replaced by accredited methods of natural healing consistent with the dignity of an enlightened, self-respecting people.

       “Ignorance is the curse of God: 
  Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven”



Biology, the Science of life, has developed under my hand that system of natural healing which I practice, in common with some of the most successful physicians on the continents of Europe and America.

Although based upon the same biological laws, their systems of therapy—­or healing—­differ materially from one another.  My system is entirely my own, developed during the last thirty-five years to that degree of perfection it has attained today.

I am, naturally, honestly proud of the success achieved during this strenuous period, yet am I still as anxiously imbued as ever with the spirit and habit of research which is now directed to the endeavour to further simplify my method of treatment, by further discoveries in the realm of that most abstruse of the sciences, Physiological Chemistry.

In this baffling but wonderful domain I am inspired by the ambitious hope that some, at any rate, of the many unsolved problems of the Science of Life may yet give up their secrets to the demand of my persistency, exerted in the interest of the well-being of humanity.

After centuries devoted by the faculty to a futile and arrogant attempt to counteract the disturbances of health, which we call diseases, in the stereotyped manner known as “orthodox;” after endless complications, infinite “specializing”—­in itself a futility—­and unblushing complicity with the powers that be, we find them now at length, baffled, discredited, but unashamed, cast back, discomforted, upon Mother Nature’s kindly breast, their victims humbly seeking healing in simple unity from her ample store.

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