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=NOTE=:—­For special dietary in all diseases, see under each separate tissue degeneration in the succeeding Chapter on Therapy.


[A] In the following chapter, several important paragraphs given in the foregoing had to be repeated as the readers who were not interested in the “Club” proposition, would miss these points.


In order to convey a better understanding of these nutritive compositions, I deem it necessary to outline and explain more emphatically and in greater detail their wonderful scope and possibilities, in perhaps a more impressive manner, by giving the reader the benefit of an article entitled: 

  “The functions of minerals in our food
  How they may be greatly increased”

Of these I have sent some 560 copies to all our Senators and Congressmen, as well as to our chief Government Physicians, for their information and disposition, with the intention of placing my knowledge and equipment freely at the disposal of the United States Government.  I have made this purely disinterested proposal at this critical and trying juncture, in the interest, first, of our war-worn soldiers; next, of our women, enervated by unaccustomed labour and restricted means; and lastly, of the children, born, and yet to be born of them—­the future Citizens of the Republic—­all, in short, who, under stress of injury, strain and hardship abroad, or the sometimes equally strenuous privations of war conditions at home, may, in their respective degrees, be suffering from nervous breakdown or depleted vitality and the various disorders which my proffered remedial measures are so admirably fitted to successfully overcome, bearing, as they must untold relief, comfort and renewed health to thousands.

I have not spared expense in putting this matter fairly and fully before the Authorities—­and indeed the initial cost of so doing has already absorbed some $300 or more.  That is merely a detail.  But the main point is this:  That I have offered this valuable knowledge—­(practically the work of a lifetime)—­to the Nation, together with the prescriptions of my compositions, free of cost, as an earnest of my sympathy and goodwill; and had the Government, seen fit to accept my proposal, the immediate effect would have been that these compounds, which at present, through reduced manufacture and the consequent great scarcity of chemicals (necessarily of the finest description and purity) are very costly, would have been brought by extensive and organized production within the reach of every citizen, removing at once that paramount difficulty of my system, so far as the general public is concerned; namely, the expense.

I append hereto a copy of the article referred to, together with copy of an accompanying letter.

     My dear Senator: 

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