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     2.  Degeneration of lymphoid tissue:  (See I.—­A.  B. C. D.)

     3.  Degeneration of the nerve tissue:  Neuralgia, Neuritis,
     Neurasthenia, Asthma, Epilepsy, St. Vitus’s Dance, etc., etc.

4.  Degeneration of the bone tissue:  Rickets, Osteomalacia and
similar diseases.

5.  Degeneration of the muscular tissue:  Muscular Rheumatism,
Sciatica or Nerve Rheumatism, Atrophia, Amyloid heart, kidney and

6.  Degeneration of the mucous membrane tissue. 
(A.) Catarrh in all its forms:  Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia,
Inflammation of nose, throat, bowels, stomach, bladder, etc
(B.) Hemorrhoids, Polyps, Adenoids.

7.  Degeneration of the tooth and eye tissue:  All tooth and eye

8.  Degeneration of the hair tissue:  All hair diseases.

9.  Degeneration of the skin tissue:  All skin diseases.

10.  Degeneration of the gelatigenous tissue. 
(A.) Stomach and Intestinal diseases—­acute forms. 
(B.) Stomach and Intestinal diseases—­chronic form.

     11.  Degeneration of the cartilage tissue:  Ankylosis, Gout,
     Arthritis deformans.

     12.  Degeneration of the body tissue in general. 
       (A.) Locomotor ataxia. 
       (B.) Basedow’s disease. (Graves disease.)
       (C.) Diabetes mellitus. 
       (D.) Obesity. 
       (E.) Bright’s disease. 
       (F.) Arterio-sclerosis.


Setting aside for the time being the special groups of more complicated diseases, such as are characterized by the degeneration of several of the tissues at the same time, I will now give a short and comprehensive description of the several distinct groups of disease.  In each case, as already shown, there must be a joint co-operation of these three factors: 

(A.) Diet, or the natural means of providing both healthy and degenerating tissues alike with such substances as will support and strengthen the healthy tissues, enabling them to resist the danger of disease and consequent decomposition, and will also arrest degeneration and prepare the way for the regeneration of the tissue which is already affected.

(B.) Nutritive compositions. Such as will in each case introduce into the system in a pure and proportionate combination, the necessary quantities of the sixteen nutritive elements, the lack of which is the characteristic factor of all disease and which diet unaided could not adequately produce with the needful speed and proportion, unless supplemented in this simple and effective manner.

(C.) Physical treatment, for the purpose of assisting the proper distribution and assimilation of these nutritive factors—­(A. and B.)—­and promoting the proper circulation of the blood.


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