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It is necessary, in view of contingent expenses that a membership of One thousand subscribers should be obtained, as only when such an amount of support is guaranteed would the printing of the hundred lectures under the easy and advantageous terms offered be at all justified.

If, however, it should be represented to me by those most immediately interested, that it is their desire to Confine the Club to narrower limits, I might, though with some reluctance, consider the advisability of reducing the minimum membership to One hundred students provided that these should agree to contribute the sum total of the fees for the two years course in advance.

With every twentieth lesson will be forwarded to the subscriber, gratis, one of five well bound volumes of superior literary attraction and interest.

These five volumes are as follows: 

     ATLAS OF HUMAN ANATOMY (profusely illustrated with coloured plates
     and containing folding manikin) especially compiled for the

     MANUAL OF PHYSIOLOGY, especially compiled for the student.

     MANUAL OF PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, especially compiled for the

     MANUAL OF BIOLOGICAL THERAPY, Dechmann’s system, (500 pages).

     MEDICAL DICTIONARY (pocket edition in flexible leather with gilt
     edges, giving 30,000 definitions.)

At the end of the course each student in good standing, will receive free of cost a Membership Diploma in the form of a beautifully artistic colour plate, the facsimile of which will appear herewith.

“Within the Bud; the Procreation of a Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful Child of the Desired Sex, by L. Dechmann, Biologist.”  This is a book of 302 pages, the paper bound edition retailing at $3.00, the edition de luxe at $5.00, can be obtained at any book store or direct from the author.

The above literature cannot be otherwise procured, and its cost actually amounts to nearly one-half the subscription for the entire course of lessons.

At the close of the course a beautiful engraved cover design for binding the 100 lessons may be obtained at the price of $1.00.

Separate file binders and perforators for the lessons, each cover holding some 300 pages, may be obtained at the nominal cost of about 50 cents each; one of these will be delivered free with the first lesson.


In addition to these advantages, all members of the Club will be entitled to procure any supplies they may need of the Dech-Manna Cell-Foods at special (wholesale) prices.


Biologist and Physiological Chemist. 127 North 59th Street, Seattle, Wash., U.S.A.


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