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“From my reading of your ‘Lessons,’ and especially from ’Dare to be Healthy,’ I can see that you have evolved a new concept in medicine, or rather ‘Nature Healing,’ which promises great results.  I trust you will be able to put the whole into a printed book that we may all have the benefit of your discoveries.  Unlike most physicians, while you treat of the most profound and vital scientific subjects, your language is so well chosen and your method of presentation is so clear, that no intelligent person would have difficulty in following your thought.  You have undertaken a monumental work, and that success may attend your efforts is our heartfelt wish.”

     From Elbert Hubbard.

     “What I have read of it is intensely interesting and shows that you
     have a keen insight into the philosophies of life.”

There are other spontaneous and unexpected testimonials of an equally encouraging and complimentary nature from men whose knowledge and attainments entitle their opinions to the tribute of respect.  These might well be likewise added here, but for the necessary limitations of space.

When Moses saved the hosts of Israel from starvation in the desert, by obtaining the solid and liquid food requisite for their deliverance, he called the name of that food “Manna.” in like manner, both as a just tribute to the success they have achieved in the past and as an earnest of the deliverance they are destined to achieve in the future, I have designated my preparations by a similar term and called them the "Dech-Manna” Nutritive Preparations.

Although presented in so condensed a form, the preceding outline cannot fail to inspire in the mind of the reader a vivid conception of the simple grandeur of nature’s handiwork, more especially as regards her provisions in relation to health and disease—­secrets revealed, through microscope and alembic, to those who, in spite of organized discouragement, have attempted to fathom the erstwhile mysteries of human suffering and to carry hope and freedom into the hostile camps of Fear, Disease and Death.

To bring these considerations within the comprehension of all, and to win all, so far as possible, to the practical observance of the means and precepts of Health and Safety is the object of the projected course of study of which the following is the business proposition.



The course of study in connection with the above consists of


to be issued in weekly instalments, the whole course to extend over a period of two years.

Each lesson will consist, approximately, of some twenty-two to twenty-five full-sized pages (i.e. 25/28 lines of 8/12 words each) which will be mailed to every subscriber weekly prepaid.

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