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Physical treatment may be made to assist the proper circulation of the blood, opening at the same time the pores of the skin for the withdrawal from the body of disease elements and the introduction of desirable material.  Massage, gymnastics, ablutions, and various kinds of baths and packs constitute the most of the healing measures of this description resorted to.

This is indeed the legitimate field for Osteo-Chyropractice.

In order to understand the method of treatment which I apply, it is necessary to understand one of the great laws of physiological chemistry, acknowledged as such by the great masters of chemistry, such as Liebig and Hensel.

This law demonstrates that nature is a unit, its component parts a given number of elements, each of which has distinct qualities, and the combination of which produces the various manifestations of life.

These elements are classified as combining to form minerals, plants and animals.  They are all closely interrelated.  The plant draws the mineral elements from the soil, and after certain processes of combination, conveys them as food to the animal.  The animal substances that man consumes make up the balance of the elements that are required to build up the human body.

It is a matter of comparatively new discovery that the minerals are just as important a part of the human body and of its food as the other basic chemical elements.  The discovery showing of what minerals the necessary ingredients of the different body tissues are composed and in what combination and quantity, in order that they may become incorporated into the organism, has made it possible to supply them to the diseased body in the purest and most effective way through nutritive preparations, while their existence in food also furnishes an indication as to the regulation of diet.

I have already given, in the preceding pages, the frank expression of favourable opinion upon this vital topic generally, as voiced with unmistakable, conviction by no less an authority than Assistant Surgeon-General, Dr. W.C.  Rucker of the United States Public Health Service.  I will now cite, in further corroboration, the opinion of the distinguished Editor of “The Fra,” as addressed to myself personally, in special relation to an advance section of the book “Dare to be Healthy,” together with other similar matter, and which, coming as it does from one who is himself a leader in the van of the advancing phalanx of the followers of Truth and Enlightenment, may be safely held to constitute a just criterion of the literary and technical value of the work.  It is expressed as follows: 

     From John T. Hoyle, Managing Editor of “The Fra."

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