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Shall we seek it where false learning leads us in the quest?—­Ah no.

It comes, not in the crash of Sinai’s thunders with the rockings of a riven sphere, as in the allegoric stories of a puerile past.

Softly it falls—­yes, almost fearfully—­from the fervid lips of some lone world-neglected persecuted man—­some patient toil-worn son of science, whom Genius loves to call her own—­though, haply, to the schools, to fortune and to fame unknown.  One whose transcendent, superconscious mind has dared, Prometheus-like, to snatch from heaven the fire of the immortal gods and offer it in benefits to all mankind.

Thrice happy he upon the sensory surface of whose open mind such seeds of knowledge and of wisdom fall, and happy the land where one and all may dare to warm chill hands and hearts before its sacred flame; that halcyon land, the Ultima Thule of our fond imaginings, wherein true freedom reigns; wherein the legalized tyranny of the chartered libertines of a so-called learned profession shall be finally relegated, in common cause to the limbo of a sordid and degraded past.  For these are they who seek to maintain a strangle-hold on science, who paralyze the arm of individual research and, even in this advancing age, still block the path of progress and of peace, of universal freedom and equality of intellect, to all beyond the narrow limits of their own elect.

Thus then, to the free fraternity of the open mind I dedicate this brief resume of the product of long years of study and of toil, steadfastly believing that therein is found the missing dimension for their urgent need, suited alike to all who hold that to maintain the health of body and of mind is a worthy object for enlightened man.  To you, mothers of the land, who recognize your duty, towards God and to the State, to rear your children healthy, strong and good to look upon.  To all whose keener common-sense looks upon Nature, the Creator, as logically therefore, the healing power also.  To all endowed with wit to understand the obvious truth that, not by poisonous drugs is healing wrought, but by such reasonable help as man’s intelligence can afford, to second nature’s effort to that end; and further, that, in order to achieve success, it is useless to attack, suppress or remove the symptoms of disease by force of drugging or the knife, whilst the cause of the evil is left untouched, unthought of, and, too frequently, unknown.  Truth and reason alike proclaim:  remove the cause and the symptom must disappear.

To all, then, to whom the ever blessed triad of health, hope, and happiness on earth, are dear, the sanctity of child-life and the improvement of the race; and especially to those whose clearer mental vision can grasp the stupendous fact of eternal Universal Unity—­the oneness with that mighty Primal Cause, the great Life Principle, immanent and active throughout all nature; can grasp and assimilate the idea that everything

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