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[D] This amount is given by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, in an editorial devoted to the terrible plague on March 16th, 1919.

[E] The pamphlet, which also contains a chart of the Vagus in 2 colors, may be obtained either from the author or through any bookseller.  The price is 50 cents.


  Dedication, 5

  Foreword, 13

  Introduction, 15

  The Hygienic-Dietetic method of Healing, 19
    Physiologico-Chemical Research, 20
    The Natural Method of Healing, 20
    Prophylactic Therapy or Prevention of Disease, 21
    The New-School of Healing, 22
    “Regeneration” or “Dare to be Healthy”, 24
    Distrust of the Medical Fraternity, 25-6
    Johannes Mueller and his followers, 26-7
    The Medical Impasse, 28-9

  The Regeneration of the Race, 31
    Dysaemia—­the cause of disease, 31
    The process of Natural Healing, 31
    The Human Body a Microcosm, 32
    The body an indivisible Unity, 33
    The Bacteria craze, 33
    Predisposition, 34
    The Allopathic failure, 35-36
    Choosing a Physician, 37
    Cell-food Therapy, 37
    Medical Literature, 38
    Chemical elements of the blood, 39
    Dech-Manna, or “Organic Nutritive salts or cell-food Therapy”, 39
    “As a man eats, so is he”, 46
    Humanity the product of the exhausted fields, 46
    The remedy, the question and the reply, 47
    No “business” in healthy blood, 47
    Truth versus Creeds and Capital, 49

  Health:  Hymn of Health, 51
    The Health ideal by Nature set, 52
    Ignorance the basis of disease, 54
    A Means of Enlightenment, 55

  The Dare to be Healthy Club, 57
    The purpose of the Club, 58

  The Teachings of the Club, 58
    Two years’ course in Biology, 58
    Physiology, Anatomy, Hygiene,
    Physiological Chemistry, Pathology,
    according to Biological facts, 58
    Therapy, in accordance with Biological and
      Physical Laws and Precepts, 58
    Its comprehensive aim, 58
    The Course of Instruction, 58
    Its Precepts, 59
    Graduates as Teachers, 59

  The Method of Regeneration, 59

  Dr W.C.  Rucker Assistant Surgeon Gen.
    US Public Health Service on Physiological Chemistry, 60

  The Boerhaave Incident, 62
    The Secret of Disease and Health, 62
    The eternal Lesson Nature Teaches, 64

  Simplicity the Essence of the System, 64

  A Life’s Legacy, 65

  The Physician, 66

  Fair Minded Physicians, 66

  Behind the Veil, 66

  Disease the Heritage of the Ages, 67

  The Moment of Release, 67

  Disease a Unit, 68

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