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With such impending dangers are our men distressed; and yet there seems but grudging, slight encouragement for those who seek to stay the onslaught of the foe, by scientific measures of precaution and hygiene.

What the nation needs is now a practical and nation-wide awakening.  Let the people realize the danger of their risk; let them rally to the call and loyally support those who thus offer them the safeguard of knowledge as a refuge from the impending storm.  Then will so-called “incurable disease” be relegated to the limbo of the past and, among other prophylactic means, this, my latest great discovery—­the cause of Influenza, its prevention and its cure, a discovery which must rank amongst the great scientific achievements of the day—­will mitigate the force of epidemics on mankind.  It should also give to the reader of this little book a fair assurance of what immunity it is possible to secure by careful study and practice of its truths and should prove to the thinker the nucleus of a lesson which can nowhere be better learned than in the teachings and the precepts of the Hygienic-Dietetic School.

  “But to the hero, when his sword
    Has won the battle for the free,
  Thy voice sounds like a prophet’s word
    And in its hollow tones are heard
  The thanks of millions yet to be”


Wide and unlimited as the field of biology and the hygienic-dietetic method of healing is, I have in the foregoing pages tried to devise a guide that will indicate the points that are most necessary to the confidence of the patient, based upon knowledge.

If I have enlightened my readers sufficiently regarding the most modern results of biological research, if I have succeeded in showing them the ray of hope, in the midst of their suffering, that will give them courage to live, and live as healthy human beings, I shall feel amply rewarded for the hard work that had necessarily to be done before the present pinnacle in the art of healing could be reached.

Let me repeat:  this brochure is not designed to lead any one away from the man who knows, who has gone to the sources of wisdom, to bring salvation to those who demand the right to live in health and vigor.  Far otherwise; for my deliberate injunction is that the cure of disease, in any form, should not be undertaken except under the guidance of an hygienic physician who may indicate to them the path, so that they may not tread it blindly, but in the light of knowledge.

The outlines of a great and wonderful science are presented.  Another wall between the layman and the professional has been torn down.  If, my readers, you can one day say this booklet has guided you to the right path, back to the enjoyment of life in youthful health and vigor, then join with me and others in propagating these sane and safe principles, and make others “Dare to be Healthy,” as you have dared yourself.

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