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  “Allwissend bin ich nicht; doch viel ist mir bewusst.” 
  (Omniscient am I not, though much I know.)

Yet “Unity is strength,” and in conjunction with associated minds, such knowledge as I have may amply suffice to save many a sad sufferer from hereditary doom.

The scheme, or, to be more explicit, the Club, I purpose to inaugurate, is fully expounded in detail in the succeeding pages.


  All other things the mandate, “must”, obey,
  Man only has the power, “I will”, to say.

  (After Schiller.)


Thoughtless and imitative, men follow custom, careless where it may lead, and unconsciously imitate each other.

Strong harmful habits grow, which overcome the opposing will and fickle fashion rules where common sense should reign.

Such instances are common to us all.

A combination opposed to such influences is the force we need and for this purpose I propose to establish a Club for the study of the ways and means of health.


The Club will be comprised of those who desire to pursue a course of
Health Study by correspondence.

This combination will constitute the first and only Club of its kind in the world.

It will unite in its membership a group of independent thinkers, representative of all parts of the American Continent.

The purpose of the Club will be to teach the science of Regeneration—­to teach them to “dare to be healthy” according to the laws and teachings of biology.

These teachings will consist of a two years’ course in Biology, dealing with its most important branches, in Physiology, Anatomy, Hygiene, Physiological Chemistry, Pathology, according to biological facts, and Therapy in accordance with biological and physical laws and precepts.

All methods of natural healing will be explained in detail, including diet, breathing exercises, and rest.

The comprehensive aim will be to inculcate the principles which govern the process of perfect metabolism—­that is to say, the changes of nutritive matter within the body—­as the means of bringing into being a race endowed with health and beauty and therefore predestined to happiness.

The course of instruction will be based upon the literature of science, including certain fundamental teachings from the pen of the author of the present pamphlet, which comprises, moreover, extracts from the works of distinguished scholars whose theories have been tried and tested during the last thirty-five years.

Its precepts will be based upon personal experience and actual practice, the outcome of careful and patient observation.

The series throughout will be formulated with a view to the purpose of graduating later from among those who follow the course, a body of competent instructors capable of transmitting the knowledge they have acquired to others, privately or professionally.  But remember the axiom of Cicero: 

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