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The real and practical alliance between the physical and the psychic—­between body and mind—­is better realized; as for instance:  You may be seized with an idea, or a passion, and it disturbs your health of body; you may take indigestible food, or suffer injury or fatigue, and it disturbs your health of mind.

But beyond and behind all else are all those seemingly occult and sinister, pre-natal influences centered in hereditary and kindred considerations which are still more significant and difficult to locate and overcome.

These problems have been thought out and solved long before the dawn of the present social awakening and the conclusions have been tabulated in the closest detail from the first moment of embryonic life, faithfully defining the paths that inevitably lead to the desired goal of Hygienic Birth, of Physical Perfection and the Mental State termed Happiness, in Infancy.

All these things will be found minutely focussed in picturesque relief, in my previous work entitled:  “Within the Bud.”


Among the most deadly menaces that beset human life upon this planet are those forms of disease classed under the head of so-called Endemic and Epidemic disease and including in its baleful limits Yellow fever, Cholera, Pellagra—­otherwise known as Hook-worm, Plague and so-called Spanish Influenza.

Based upon Physiological Chemistry and explained from the Biological standpoint, the explanation of these covers a wide scientific area and geographically treated embraces the globe.

The various problems of their cause and prevention have exercised the mind of science and research to an enormous degree and heavy premiums have been placed upon their solution, with more or less success and much expenditure has been incurred in the examination of local conditions.

As far as this Continent is concerned, perhaps the most troublesome has been Climatic Fever which varies greatly in form and intensity according to temperature and location.

“Yellow Fever,” as it is named, has swept some Southern localities from time to time, but Science, Sanitation and Hygiene have curbed its virulence and spread, as in the case of outbreaks of epidemics such as small-pox—­for the control of which, by the way, the advocates of the vile and pernicious practice of vaccination, fraudulently claim the credit, even in these advancing times, when the wiles of self interest are disclosed, the worship of the “Putrid Calf” exposed and the days of the vaccine vendor numbered.

Yellow Fever occurs on the Coast of tropical countries and, as a rule, is fatal, after a rapid development of from 3 to 7 days.

The explanation of the cause of the disease is comparatively simple:  The air on the hot coast lands is highly charged with evaporated water.  Heat and humidity have the effect of diverting from the human organism the electricity which, as already shown, constitutes its vital cohesion and the same influences likewise reduce the oxygen in the atmosphere.  These are the two primary causes of Yellow Fever.

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