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in the same environment and receive practically the same nourishment, and are of the same parentage, the presumption prevails that each one of them is equally susceptible to the disease with which one of the children has been affected.  It is, therefore, advisable to adopt preventive and protective measures with them all, by applying abdominal packs and giving them Dechmann’s Plasmogen, which will strengthen the white corpuscles of the blood in their fight against possibly intruding bacilli; also Dechmann’s Tonogen, in order to give the red corpuscles and the heart the power to endure the greater efforts which the demand for increased vitality will necessitate.  The application of these measures will in many cases entirely prevent an impending attack of the disease, and if not, will at least make it easier to control.

The golden rule:  Keep the head cool, the feet warm and the bowels open; that is the golden rule to be followed in the treatment of all children’s diseases.  All means that are applied must have but the one object, that of making the condition of the blood as good as possible, so that it will maintain a fluid form and circulate readily, richly supplied with all the necessary upbuilding substances.  This, and not the use of anti-toxins, will guarantee a speedy return to normal conditions.

Diet:  The importance of the diet in all of these diseases has been indicated on several occasions.  Its application is treated extensively under the fever diet; exceptions to be determined by the physician.

Dech-manna-Compositions:  The compositions to be used in case of children’s diseases will, as indicated above, consist mainly of Plasmogen and Tonogen.  Small doses of Eubiogen will be of great advantage in promoting the general condition of the patient.  These three compositions should always be available in a family where there are children, as their application will prove very beneficial in any case, even before the arrival of the physician.

Physical:  The correct application of ablutions of vinegar and water, of partial and other packs and various baths, must be left to the prescription of the physician, depending on the nature of the individual case, and the effect on the patient, with the exception of the abdominal pack.  This should always be applied immediately:  cold in positive, and warm in negative diseases.


Though not strictly within the scope of my intention in the present booklet, I feel that no treatise, however brief, which purports to be a free and candid expression of the ills that child-life is heir to, could afford to ignore the burning and much debated question of the tonsils and their significance, present and future, to the well-being of the child, or could deem the task accomplished without raising a warning and protesting voice on behalf of the helpless victims, whose recurrent name is legion, against the callous and persistent violation and destruction of the functions of vital organs, the only shadow of justification of which is, on the one hand, a fashionable popular delusion on the part of parents and, on the other, interested complacency on the part of their medical advisers, accentuated by a strong and dangerous tendency towards operation and empiric surgery generally.

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