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Only natural waters, such as Vichy, Apollinaris with half milk or the like are to be used.  Drinks containing fruit acid, like lemonade and fruit juices, are somewhat stimulating; however, in a general way, they may be given during fever, but not in typhus.

Of alcoholic drinks the best is light wine (bordeaux), first diluted and later in its natural state.  As a rule it should not be used before Form IV has been followed and Form V commenced.  Occasionally, mild white wine or well fermented beer, may be permitted.  Coffee is absolutely forbidden during any of the foregoing forms of diet, but light teas with milk are allowed in most cases.

The main point in the different forms of diet as enumerated herein is to be found in the mechanical gradation of the substances in accordance with the progressive condition of the patient.

The diet in a certain individual case of the kind will not, however, always be necessarily identical with one or any of the foregoing forms, but must depend upon the individual condition.

In the first place, under each form there are easily discernible gradations, according to relative points of view which are all familiar to the physician and to which attention must be paid under similar circumstances.  On the other hand, very often one of the items of a later form may be allowed while, in general, one of the previous forms is applied.  Thus the transition from Form II to the first items of Form III is hardly perceptible.

Of course every form comprises all previous ones, so that each consecutive form affords a greater range than the last.

Occasionally other points than those I have mentioned may have to be taken into consideration.  It is obviously impossible as the reader will observe, to formulate an absolutely uniform scheme applicable to every case.

Next to the description and quality of food, the quantity to be introduced into the stomach at one time, is a matter of the utmost vital importance.


(Only main compositions, specialities to Doctor’s order.)

In all forms of Typhoid fever:  =Neurogen=, =Plasmogen=, =Tonogen=, Eubiogen.

Physical:  Partial Packs.


In strong contrast to the conditions of “positive” disease amongst children, due, as I have explained, to over-vitality and too rapid vibrations, we have to consider the opposite condition of Negative disease, comprising all physical disturbances wherein cold negative electrical forces and reduced vibrations produce unhealthy action of the mucous membranes, resulting in degeneration of the tissues known as Catarrh in various forms.  Bronchitis, Grippe, Influenza and light catarrhal inflammation of the respective organs.  One of the most serious in this chapter is summer-complaint

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