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Accustomed to the pompous pantomime of the orthodox physician—­the gold watch and chain trick, while pulse and tongue reveal their hidden records—­and then the well known questions which call forth the personal predilection in the fashion of disease and diet, (prescriptions which are often not untinged by the physician’s own proclivities), at first the patient misses the old familiar presence.  If ill he must be, he expects that the process should proceed from the outset on the old accustomed, “strictly respectable” lines, and something like resentment stirs him when, in place of questioning, a physician presumes to tell him at a glance the substance of his malady unasked.

But such is the method of real efficiency and such the qualification of the men who practice the new philosophy which shall save the world from shams.

Facial diagnosis is the determining factor of the logical and never failing science of natural therapy which is coming to the rescue of mankind, in spite of legal and commercial obstruction.

The “Clinical Eye" is, emphatically, not the sad old “Eye of Faith” which has sent its millions to their doom, but the sober, steady, practiced introspective hopeful eye of knowledge and experience.

The external symptoms visible to the clinical eye of a physician worthy of the name, vastly outweigh in important significance, all the objectionable detailed examination of parts and organs which from long use has become the habit of the old-school practitioner.  Moreover the swift impressions gathered under the clinical eye are spontaneous and reliable whereas, as the result of questioning or the description of the patient, they possibly are not, but rather represent too often some preconceived notion of alleged heredity or devotional pessimism, sometimes original but more probably the suggestion of relatives and friends.

The subject is a vitally important one and, with a view to clearing away the obstruction of old superstitions from the mind of the reader, I shall trespass upon my allotted space in order to give a brief extract of my remarks thereon as expressed in my greater work:  “Regeneration or Dare to be Healthy.”


The biological healing system, based on the laws of nature and the acknowledgment of the fact that no two cases of disease are exactly alike, requires much broader knowledge and much deeper insight on the part of the physician than did the old-school of medicine with its search for symptoms of special diseases and its occult prescriptions.

Since the object is to get at the root of the evil in order to regenerate the patient thoroughly, it becomes imperative to obtain, what is hardest to elicit from him perhaps, the accurate truth about himself and his ailment.

And though expert in recognizing external symptoms, it is unwise to rely entirely thereon and research must continue into realms where the patient himself only can lead us and where, willing or otherwise, he is apt to mislead.

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