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By “body tissue in general” is understood the body with the total sum of its cells—­especially the red blood corpuscles—­and their various aggregations.  Consequently a special composition of nutritive salts, under the name of Eubiogen, has been composed, which is the most perfect duplication of all the chemical elements of the entire body in the correct proportion.  Eubiogen, therefore, is prescribed as a secondary Dech-Manna-Composition, to be taken with all other compositions.  But it also acts independently as the best means of preventing degeneration, and in this capacity should not be missing in the diet of adults as well as of children.  The cost thus incurred would be recouped many times over through its prevention of disease.

Eubiogen takes a leading position in reference to the following complicated forms of disease, in the treatment of which it becomes the most important factor among the nutritive compositions:  Ataxia, Basedow’s Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Bright’s Disease, Arterio-Sclerosis.  I am prepared to explain to patients, this curative method and the reasons for its application; but these complicated diseases, while based on the same degenerations of blood, and consequently of the tissue and organs, as all others, offer impressions which, from the point of view of the conscientious physician, cannot be presented with but a few bare words of explanation.  Nor does the space at my disposal permit me to go into the matter with due thoroughness.

All of these ailments have been described in my work:  “Regeneration or Dare To Be Healthy.”

The intelligent reader will readily conceive that he who has found the secret of the degenerations constituting the various forms of disease, will not hesitate before their complications. Ataxia, Basedow’s Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Bright’s Disease and Arterio-Sclerosis, can be cured.  They can be cured by the same methods of which simpler examples have been already given.

No one, who in the struggle for health has surrendered to the attack of constitutional disease, the germ of which may have been implanted in him by his forefathers, needs despair.  Let him seek advice before too late, and the strong probability is that in due time he will have regained his health, and will be enabled to fulfil his duties to himself and to posterity._

NOTE.—­In reference to the foregoing tables of dietary “Regimen” the reader must clearly understand that the prescriptions are merely indications of diet appropriate to various phases of the complaints to the treatment of which they are attached; but the decision as to how and when these phases occur in individual cases should be left entirely to the discretion of the physician in charge of the case who will, of course, also pronounce upon the diet.  Should there be no such authority present, the greatest care and common sense must be devoted to the selection from the said tables of a system of diet suitable to the various stages of disease.  Any recommendations therein contained which may appear to be contradictory or conflicting must be ascribed to their complication on a progressive dietary system consistent with the prospective advancement of the case towards recovery.

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