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8 P.M.—­1 cup soup with 10 grams butter and one yolk, barley, oats, etc., eggs or meat, vegetables, preserved fruits, Graham bread, butter, mild cream cheese.

9.30 P.M.—­1/4 quart milk, with a spoonful of malt extract, 1/8 quart cream.

As a special breakfast, for a thin patient, the following drink is recommended:  To a cup of unskimmed hot milk add one yolk and one spoonful of pure bee-honey.  This must be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for several weeks.

In case of Constipation.

If constipation is due to nervousness or sluggishness of the bowels, the best means to overcome the trouble is mixed coarse food, using various mineral waters, and little meat, but plenty of vegetables, especially sauerkraut, cabbage, comfrey, cauliflower, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers, various salads and fruits, jellies.  Among beverages sour milk, buttermilk, kefir No.  I and II, yoghurt, various new wines, fruit juices, different mineral waters, such as Apollinaris, Karlsbad waters, Hunyady; coarse bread, such as Graham, avoiding fine white bread.  In extremely chronic cases use my Laxagen Tea in case of emergency.

Dech-Manna-Compositions:  =Gelatinogen=, =Plasmogen=, Mucogen, Eubiogen.

Physical:  Abdominal packs, with vinegar and water.




Cartilage in the human body is the material which must cover the end of each bone so as to prevent its destruction by friction.  It is the important part in all joints.  It is obvious that any degeneration of this particular tissue will cause friction, which is combined with severe pains, called Ankylosis, Gout.

The degeneration is usually a consequence of improper proportion of the various food ingredients consumed, omitting the material necessary for the construction of the cartilage, which, being in use, is constantly used up rapidly.  Regeneration of the blood, by assisting it in its important task of feeding the cartilaginous tissues, and regulation of the diet are the only two possible remedies for this form of disease, of such frequent occurrence, the alleged cure for which attracts thousands to bathing resorts, where they derive not the slightest real benefit.

The variety of gout called arthritis (deforming gout), is the most pronounced and dangerous phase of this form of disease.


Diet:  The diet is exactly the same as prescribed for rheumatism and gout under V, Degeneration of the Muscular Tissue.

Dech-Manna-Compositions:  =Cartilogen=, =Plasmogen=, Gelatinogen, Eubiogen.

Physical:  Partial packs, salt and radium, massage, oxygenator bath, half bath radium and salt.

In case of arthritis, also special packs according to the directions of the Doctor.  It is impossible to give a diet for arthritic patients, peculiarities of this disease being largely individual.

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