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Normal Diet for Stomach Diseases.

Milk, sweet and sour, buttermilk, yoghurt, kefir, albumen cacao, cereals in the form of mush, strained legumes, cooked in soup or milk, all sorts of glutinous soups, farinose dishes prepared from stale rolls, biscuits, zwieback, tender and easily, digestible meats, mashed game meat, chicken, raw beef, ham, meat jelly, young vegetables, preserved fruit.

Avoid the following:  all indigestible fats, meat which requires more than 4 to 5 hours for its digestion, hot salads, gas-producing vegetables, gravy, fruits which abound in cellulose, such as apricots and peaches, hard stems, xylocarp ribs of leaves, the strong smelling and sharp tasting parts of some kinds of vegetables, as for instance, new potatoes, cabbage (in the cooking of which the first water must be poured off), hot soups and spicy herbs, spices of all kinds, high game, sausages, bacon, yeast pastry, drinks too hot or too cold, strong coffee (in the place of which fruit coffee is recommended), stale raisins and almonds, nuts, too much candy, much liquid with meats, and excitement of all kinds while eating.

General Hints for a nourishing treatment.

The patient who is to gain in flesh must adhere strictly to the prescribed diet as well as to the prescribed rest, if the treatment is to take effect.

The following articles are very nourishing:  yolks of eggs prepared in any style, milk, cream, kefir, rich cheese, beef marrow on toast (cooked in soup), all kinds of noodles and dumplings, puddings, cocoa and chocolate, white bread, rich thick soups, gravy, potatoes and oats prepared in various ways, sweet beer, malt beer, sweet wines and puddings with preserved fruits, fruit juices, meat from well-fed animals only.  All meals must be served in small portions, so as not to create distaste for food.

7 A.M.—­250 grams of fresh, boiled, unskimmed milk, or 1/4 quart cocoa prepared with milk or Knorr’s oat-cocoa, or 1/8 quart cream with tea added, one roll, butter and honey.

9 A.M.—­1 cup bouillon, 20 grams hot or cold roast meat, 30 grams Graham or gluten bread, 10 grams butter.  Then 1/4 quart milk, butter and Graham bread.

11 A.M.—­1/4 quart milk with the yolk of one egg.

1 P.M.—­100 grams soup (oat, barley, vegetable soup), green corn, sago soup, 100 grams potatoes, 100 grams tender vegetables, such as spinach, mashed peas, mashed carrots, mashed artichokes, asparagus tips strained, 20 grams easily digestable rice, 50 grams preserved fruit; or, no soup, but, instead meat, vegetables, apple sauce, dishes made from milk or flour, such as noodles, fruit, 1/8 quart cream.

4 P.M.—­Light tea or milk, with malt or cocoa added, two crackers, 1/2 quart milk.

6 P.M.—­20 grams meat (hot or cold roast meat), raw meat or 10 grams Graham bread, 10 grams butter, milk chocolate, Graham bread, butter, honey.

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