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Dech-Manna-Compositions:  Teeth:  =Dento-Ophthogen=, =Plasmogen=, Osseogen, Eubiogen. Eyes:  =Dento-Ophthogen=, =Plasmogen=, Gelatinogen, Eubiogen.

Physical:  All physical directions according to the main disease of which the tooth and eye disease, is but an accompanying symptom.


The hair, though a tissue by itself, is connected with the rest of the body and nourished by the blood, as are all the other tissues, in organic unity.

In the long course of years that mark the progress of the race, it has lost much of its original significance as a body covering against the elements, but even in its present reduced capacity, it is a good and true indicator of certain deficiencies in the blood and in the functions of the body.

Its principal disease manifests itself in loss, through the shrinkage of the little globular terminal, by means of which it is rooted in the skin.

The hair has become an accepted criterion of youth and beauty, and its change in color or its loss are consequently regarded as the unfailing heralds of approaching age.  The vast majority of people accept this fact with reluctance, and thus the hair, more than any other feature has become a centre of the nefarious activities of impostors.

Its loss can be prevented to a great extent, and its quality kept in healthy condition, if it is treated in the proper hygienic-dietetic manner.


Diet:  Diet in case of hair disease calls for a combination of food containing lime, silica and gelatine.  It must be selected from a list of foods that possess these special nourishing qualities.

Dech-Manna-Compositions =Capillogen=, =Plasmogen=, Gelatinogen, Eubiogen.

Physical:  No special directions required.


According to the conception of the human body as a unit, it is not difficult to understand that the skin, while not a separate organ, forms the outermost layer of the body-tissues and is nourished from within.

By means of more than 2,500,000 small openings in the skin, called the pores, communication is established between the external and the internal parts of the body.  This produces a permanent exchange of matter, and thus the skin is, in fact, a second system of respiration of the greatest importance to the health of the entire body.

Naturally it is subject to traumatic accidents through its exposed position.  Traumatic affections cannot now be discussed; except to give a brief idea of the constitutional diseases of the skin which, like all others, originate in deficient blood.  Often they are only secondary, and indications of various, more complicated, diseases.  In a few cases they affect the skin alone, but are nevertheless constitutional, especially in such cases as could not exist at all, were the disposition not established constitutionally.

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