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There are no special prescriptions for these, regarding diet, except that easily digestible food must be eaten.  Mashed vegetables and fruit should prevail.  The indigestible tissues, such as skin, sinews and gristle, should be removed from the meat.  No gas-producing dishes, such as sauerkraut, cabbage, turnips or beans, ought to be taken.

Throat and Larynx Disease.

To avoid irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and larynx, all sharp and spicy dishes and drinks are prohibited.

In case of fever, particularly recommended are warm glutenous soups, creams, milk, steamed fruit, fruit soups and sauces, minced white meat, baked or steamed fish, no sharp spices.

Dech-Manna-Compositions:  (Only main compositions, specialities to the Doctor’s order).  In general:  =Muscogen=.

Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Inflammation of nose, throat, bowels, stomach, bladder, also benign growths in all chronic forms. =Muscogen, Plasmogen=, Gelatinogen, Eubiogen.

Bright’s disease:  (See special section XII chapt.  X, “Dare to be healthy.”)

=Physical Treatment.=

Bronchitis, pleurisy:  Ablutions with vinegar and water; partial packs or ablutions with vinegar and water; shoulder packs.

Pneumonia:  Shoulder packs.

Inflammation of nose, throat etc.:  Partial packs or radium and salt three-quarter packs.

Inflammation, of bowels, stomach and bladder:  Warm abdominal packs in addition to the above.

Catarrh in chronic forms:  Cold abdominal packs, massage.

Decomposition of mucous membrane:  Abdominal packs, partial packs, with vinegar and water, or salt and radium emanation, oxygenator and other baths, in case especially prescribed.


It has been explained that this unusual method of classifying the eyes and the teeth together in one group, is based upon the biological, chemical discovery that the lens of the eye, like the enamel of the teeth, contain fluoric acid, otherwise contained also in very small quantities in the enamel of the finger-and toe-nails.

Disease of the eyes and of the teeth would require lengthy description, for which space is lacking; suffice it to mention that the best way of preserving the health of the teeth and of the eyes is to keep them scrupulously clean.  This simple hygienic method, regarding the teeth, will prevent decay.

In all cases where eye trouble concerns the lens, as well as when there is a general disposition to caries in the teeth, the following treatment will produce a curative and preventive effect.


Diet:  Since most of the disease of the teeth and eyes is merely the consequence of other disease, such as Bright’s disease, diabetes, etc., the diet will be in accordance with the main disease, as described.  In the treatment of both, rye bread, which contains large quantities of fluoric acid, is highly recommended.

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