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=Decomposition of mucous membrane, hemorrhoids, polyps, benign tumors, also Bright’s disease in initial stages.=

Catarrhal disease is amongst the most common, in varied form and degree, owing to the very tender nature of the mucous membrane.

These ailments are characterized as destructions of the protective membranes which cover the serous layer of the organs, in which layer the lymph circulates.

The numerous ends of blood-vessels and nerves which are thus exposed to attack, and the spreading of the disease to healthy tissues which thus become affected in the same way, make the various catarrhal troubles with their accompanying excretions particularly unpleasant.

All degenerations of the mucous membrane are based on deficiencies in blood circulation and composition.

A cure is effected through the restoration of the serous layer to normal conditions and the regeneration of the blood and its circulation.

These various forms of catarrh affect all parts that are covered with mucous membranes, among them the female sexual organs, hence leukorrhoea or fluor albus, which, if not properly treated, constitutes the basis for all sorts of polyps, tumors, etc., and in many cases of continued attack forms the predisposition to cancer.

The lymphatic system is the carrier of all germs to the various mucous membranes, and promotes the spreading of catarrh to all parts of the body.

Among the more serious and dangerous forms of acute disease of this class which, lacking proper treatment, develop into chronic forms, are the catarrhal affections of the lungs and bronchia, =grippe=, =influenza=,[B] catarrh of the intestines, the bladder, the hemorrhoids and Bright’s (kidney) disease.  The latter especially is among the most dangerous diseases, and is considered incurable by the adherents of the old medical school.  The discovery that it is essentially the same as other catarrhal diseases has, however, established the possibility of complete cure, which has been effected in many, even neglected, cases of long standing, under my present system.

The many varieties of symptoms, all of which are finally reduced by proper treatment of the mucous membranes, it is impossible to cite, in this brief synopsis.

More details concerning this important group will be found, together with the modern explanation of the development of serious disease from apparently unimportant catarrhal affections, in the very complete and extensive descriptions given in Chapter X, Section 6, of my greater work.


Diet:  (a) Catarrh in all its acute forms.

In these cases the diet is almost identical with the fever diet, as given in Forms II, III, and IV.

(b) Catarrh in all its chronic forms.

Diet as above, but apply Forms IV, V, VI.

(c) Haemorrhoids, Polyps, Adenoids, Benign Tumors or Fungus Growths.

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