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For Liver Disease.

In general, fatty substances should be eliminated as much as possible from the nourishment in the case of liver disease, jaundice and gall stones.

To be recommended are light farinaceous dishes with milk, vegetables, fruit and all easily digestible foods.

Meat must be taken only in very small quantities, according to the advice of the physician, and with very little fat.  Spices and alcohol are prohibited.  Pastry and rich foods must be avoided.

In case of jaundice the patient should receive liquid food only during the first few days, consisting of soups, light tea, carbonated waters; later, milk, the yolks of eggs, zwieback and light milk dishes.

Patients suffering from gall stones may receive the same diet as prescribed for those suffering from liver disease, generally speaking.

In case of liver disease it is necessary to adhere very strictly to the prescriptions of the physician, since they are due to various reasons, and only the physician can give the proper individual directions, after having determined the cause.

Every morning on rising, a glass of unsweetened lemonade, or a wineglass of currant wine or grape juice, or some acid fruit.—­The same on retiring at night.

For a second breakfast, four or six radishes, or a tablespoonful of grated radish, or a teaspoonful of horseradish mixed with broth and white bread, eaten with a little toast and butter.—­The same for supper.

The following are a few suggestions for dinner without meat: 

Cabbage, potato porridge, gooseberries with egg and milk sauce.—­Lentils with potatoes and fresh greens, cresses or lettuce, fruit.—­Savoy cabbage with rice and tomato sauce, fruit with millet cakes.—­Leeks with potatoes, macaroni and plums.—­Young green beans with dried white beans and apples or other fruit, beets with cream, rolled dumplings, fruits.—­White cabbage with macaroni, chopped apples or curdled milk.

Dech-Manna Compositions:  (Only main compositions, specialities to the Doctor’s order.)

Rheumatism:  =Muscogen=, =Plasmogen=, Eubiogen.

Sciatica:  =Muscogen=, =Plasmogen=, Neurogen, Eubiogen.

Amyloid heart:  =Muscogen=, =Plasmogen=, Eubiogen.

Amyloid kidney or liver:  =Muscogen=, =Plasmogen=, Mucogen, Eubiogen.

Physical:  Rheumatism:  Partial packs, either vinegar and water or radium and salts.  Massage, if necessary, and special oxygenator baths, and radium and salt baths.

Sciatica:  Leg packs, oxygenator baths, half radium and salt baths, followed by massage.

Amyloid heart, kidney or liver:  Abdominal packs, gymnastics, oxygenator baths, whole radium and salt baths.


=Catarrh in acute and chronic forms, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, inflammation of nose, throat, bowels, stomach, bladder.=

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