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As drinks:  mineral water with lemon or orange juice added.  Raspberry juice is permitted, but currant and gooseberry juice must be avoided on account of the substances contained in them irritating to the kidneys.  Fruit juices free from alcohol (apple cider) may be given.

Every morning on rising, a glass of fruit juice or some fruit.  These fruit-acids promote peristaltics of the bowels, and free circulation of the blood.

At supper:  Salad of cresses or celery, or a mixed salad, radishes, asparagus, squash and cucumbers.

When the urinary flows is very scanty, supper may consist of a cup of celery soup, or asparagus broth; in winter, haw tea.

A few suggestions for dinner, omitting meat entirely: 

Dumplings with cabbage salad, red cabbage or Bavarian cabbage; sliced oatmeal cake with fruit.—­Cucumbers with eggs and potato bread, rolled griddle cakes and fruit.—­Cabbage with rice and butter, griddle cakes with fresh greens.

Squash with lemon, potatoes, baked beans, fruit.—­Red cabbage with macaroni, potato fritters, with fruit.—­Dumplings and pears, lettuce.—­White turnips with cream and potatoes, buckwheat groats, fruit.—­Pea soup with sweet corn, squash and rice with fruit.—­Lentils and potatoes, salad of celery or beets, fruit.—­Asparagus with drawn butter and parsley sauce and bread dumplings, oat groats with fruit.—­Cauliflower with macaroni, buckwheat groats and milk.—­Cabbage with browned potatoes, oatmeal cake with fruit.

For Irritable Kidneys (Inflammation, Supperation, Contraction, etc.), and Diseases of the Bladder.

For patients suffering from these diseases all spiced and sharp dishes are prohibited, especially dishes with much pepper and mustard, also mixed pickles, preserves containing vinegar, salads unless seasoned with lemon juice instead of vinegar; furthermore, dishes which produce gas, such as dishes made from yeast.  Fruits are permitted only in small quantities, avoiding absolutely gooseberries and preserves made from the same.  Preserves from other fruits, such as apples and cherries, are permitted in smaller quantities.

As drinks, the mineral waters which are recommended for people suffering from gout, are advisable here also.

Kidney stones require a mixed diet, preferably vegetable; fat and carbohydrates—­very little meat—­no sweetbread, kidneys, brains, liver or spleen; meat, if taken at all, must be boiled.

Not permitted:  game, pickled fish, piquant sauces, beef broth.

Dispense with meat, raw celery, radishes, pears, cucumbers, even asparagus in large amounts, at least during the state of inflammation.  Eat eggs only in a raw or very soft boiled state.  In place of these foods make up a diet of milk preparations, rice, groats, oats, millet, buckwheat.  Currant juice and wild cherries, apple sauce, diluted lemon juice, are all of great benefit.  Soups made from squash, cucumbers or celery, haw tea, buttermilk and sour milk, mild cheese, or porridge and fruit are excellent supper dishes.

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