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Dech-Manna-Compositions:  =Osseogen=, Plasmogen, Cartillogen, Eubiogen.

Physical:  Gymnastics, Massage.


=Muscular Rheumatism, Sciatica, Infantile Paralysis, Atrophy, Amyloid Organs.=

The muscles, about 400 pairs, which must perform all the actual work of the body, require good nourishment through the blood, which will rapidly replace the cells that are constantly used up.

Muscular degeneration is caused by disturbances in the quality and circulation of the blood.

Interruption in the proper circulation of the blood, stagnation etc., cause rheumatism with intense pains, and this can be removed only by restoring the undisturbed circulation of the blood, carrying all substances requisite for the proper nutrition of the muscles.

If disease of the muscular tissue combines with a diseased condition of the accompanying nerves, we speak of Sciatica.

Infantile paralysis, which often appears suddenly, muscular atrophy, which develops slowly, progressive and chronic atrophy of the muscles, are also forms of muscular disease, combined with destruction of the accompanying nerve tissue.

A special group of muscular diseases consists of amyloid (fatty) degeneration of vital muscle substance, as for instance of the heart, the kidneys, the liver.  These are also caused by faulty composition of the blood, which does not feed the muscles with the substances required and thus causes them to degenerate by developing too much fat.

The predisposition for such forms of disease is very often inherited.

Amyloid degeneration is often combined with wasting diseases, such as atrophy, tuberculosis and dropsy.


Diet:  Sufferers from gout must always be guided by the necessity of avoiding all food that contains large quantities of acid.  In a general way it is also necessary to live moderately in every respect and so avoid all excesses.

There are a number of dishes that are harmful to such patients.  Among them are various meats, especially dark roast meat, also game.  In general, and especially in very severe cases, it is better to refrain from white meat also.  Spleen, liver, kidney, sweetbread, brains are absolutely prohibited, also sausage and smoked and canned meats, oily fish, especially eel, salmon, pike, and all smoked fish, because they may create a large amount of uric acid.

The amount of meat eaten must not exceed 200 grams per day.  The following must also be avoided:  all sharp cheeses, cabbage, sauerkraut, and beans.

Among vegetables the following are recommended:  asparagus, celery and potatoes.  The vegetables containing oxalic acid, such as spinach, sorrel, rhubarb and cress it is best to avoid.

Butter is permitted in small quantities, also eggs.

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