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In former times starvation-cures were applied in case of syphilis, based on the hypothesis that diseased humours in the body should be reduced.  In view of the noxious effect which the disease exercises on the entire body, this method has been given up.  In case of the hereditary syphilis of infants, the best possible diet for the mother must always be insisted upon. (Never less than Form VI and Dech-Manna Eubiogen, with each meal).  If nursing by the mother is impossible, and since a wet-nurse cannot be subjected to the danger of contamination through the child, easily digestible substitutes for mother’s milk should be selected; that is, not cow’s milk, but other approved nutritive foods for infants.  It will be most beneficial to add Dech-Manna Eubiogen Liquid to the child’s food.

I. and II.  D. For Cancer Patients.

Cachectic patients should not, as some authorities recommended in former times, be starved by poor diet in addition to the losses which they already suffer when afflicted with diseases, such as cancer.  Except in case of cancer of the stomach and bowels, when I would recommend Form III and, with gradual improvement, an increase up to Form VI, the latter form of diet should always be prescribed in case of cancer.  Special instructions, as given under the heading, I. and II.  C. For Syphilitic Patients, should also be followed in these cases.

Dech-Manna-Compositions:  (Only main compositions, specialities to Doctor’s order).

  I. Anaemia:  Plasmogen, Eubiogen. 
  I. and II.  A. Scrofulosis:  Plasmogen, Lymphogen, Dermogen, Eubiogen. 
  I. and II.  B. Tuberculosis:  =Plasmogen=, =Lymphogen=, Mucogen,
    Gelatinogen, =Eubiogen=
  I. and II.  C. Syphilis:  =Plasmogen=, =Lymphogen=, Dermogen,
  I. and II.  D. Cancer:  =Plasmogen=, =Lymphogen=, =Eubiogen.=


  I. Anaemia.  Breathing Exercises. 
  I. and II.  A. Scrofulosis:  Partial Packs, Oxygenator baths, Radium and
    Salt whole baths. 
  I. and II.  B. Tuberculosis:  Ablutions, Breathing Exercises. 
  I. and II.  C. Syphilis Abdominal packs, Partial packs, Oxygenator, Radium
    and Salt half baths. 
  I. and II.  D. Cancer:  Oxygenator, Radium and Salt whole baths.


The lymph, the second life-giving fluid, is first drawn from the chyle, the milky juice, into which all food is converted after it leaves the stomach, and after having directly fed the nerves, enters the blood through the ductus thoracicus, and accompanies it in its circulation.

According to its nature some degenerations of the lymph tissue are coincident with degenerations of the blood, and especially the plasma, such as Scrofulosis, Tuberculosis, Syphilis and Cancer, while other degenerations of the lymph tissue coincide with degenerations of the lymph-fed nerve tissue and are consequently treated under that heading.

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