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Meat should be eaten sparingly, because it rapidly changes into products of decomposition in the lymph, and so the harmful rather than the useful fluids of the body are increased.

In connection with rachitis and scrofula a ravenous appetite is often manifested.  This is a morbid symptom.  It arises from exhaustion of the stomach and intestines, for no increase of bodily weight accompanies it.  The greater part of the nourishment taken passes out of the system without being digested.  Such persons, whether adults or children, should have their meals at regular, short intervals, for they are unable to restrain their morbid eagerness for food.  After a few days of strict diet they lose their appetite, a condition that must be accepted until a natural hunger takes its place and results in a normal increase in bodily weight.

It is well known that many people suffer from hives and eczema after having eaten certain dishes, such as crawfish, strawberries, oysters, honey, tomatoes or cheese.  For such people to refrain from partaking of this kind of food is no protection against eczema.  Only regeneration of the blood will lead to a cure.

As a rule such patients should avoid sharp and spicy dishes; especially desirable is a diet of fresh, good meat, not in very large quantity, alternating with days on which no meat at all is taken.  It is imperative to avoid sharp cheese, such as Roquefort, mustard, sardelles, mixed pickles and similar spicy dishes.  Form VI is best for patients suffering from scrofulosis.

I. and II.  B. For Tuberculosis Patients.

Patients who suffer from diseases of the lungs or other tubercular tissues do not require food of different composition than is generally recommended, provided their digestive organs are healthy.  They must have albumen (medium fat beef, veal lean pork, haddie, pickled herring, eggs, brick cheese, peas) and fat in sufficient, even abundant quantity.  Warmed milk is recommended especially.  Variety in food should prevail.  This will be the best means of overcoming the dangerous lack of appetite, which must be stimulated by delicacies and cleverly prepared dishes given between meals, sandwiches, cold fowl, jellies, piquant cold meats.  The single portions should be small but frequent.  Good beer rich in malt, sherry, malaga and other sweet wines, are all able to promote the appetite, unless the physician orders strict abstinence from alcohol.

In case of haemorrhage of the lungs, the physician will generally prescribe liquid food exclusively, and his orders must be observed strictly.  In such cases it is very advisable to take gelatine, which can be prepared in a variety of ways, or meat jellies.

Care should be taken in all forms of tubercular patients, that the special tissue gets its special composition.

I. and II.  C. For Syphilitic Patients.

The diet for people affected with syphilis does not vary from the one given under I and II.  A. for scrofulous patients.  Just as in the case of scrofulosis, a rich diet is recommended for syphilis. (Form VI).

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