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in the beginning of the, year 1773, by which period the expences of the war had exceeded 1,700,000 dollars.  In the same year an accommodation was agreed upon, and Curignancu was invested by the Butacayog with full powers to settle the articles of peace.  He required as a preliminary, that the conferences should be held in the city of St Jago, which was conceded by the Spanish governor though contrary to the usual custom.  During the negociations in that city, he made another demand still more extraordinary, “That his nation should be allowed to keep a resident agent in the capital of Chili.”  This was warmly opposed by the Spanish officers; but the governor thought proper to grant this likewise, as an excellent expedient for readily adjusting any differences that might arise between the two nations.  The other articles of the peace were adjusted with all manner of facility, as the treaties of Quillan and Negrete were revived by mutual consent.

On the death of Gonzago being known in Spain, Don Augustino Jauregui was sent out to assume the government of Chili, who has since filled the important office of viceroy of Peru with universal approbation.  He was succeeded by Don Ambrosio Benarides, who rendered the country happy by his wise and beneficent administration.  “On the 21st of November 1787, Don Ambrosio Higgins a native of Ireland, formerly brigadier-general of the cavalry in Chili, was appointed president, governor, and captain-general of the kingdom, a gentleman of an enlightened mind and excellent disposition, who has gained the love and esteem of all the inhabitants.  In 1792 he continued to discharge the duties of his high station with all the vigilance and fidelity which belong to his estimable character, and which are required in so important, a situation.  On his first accession to the government, he visited all the northern provinces, for the purpose of dispensing justice, encouraging agriculture, opening the mines, and improving the commerce and fisheries of the kingdom.  He has also established schools, repaired the roads throughout the country, and has built several new cities[101].”

[Footnote 101:  This last passage within inverted commas, is an addition to the text of Molina by the original translator.—­E.]


State of Chili towards the end of the Eighteenth Century[102].

[Footnote 102:  The information of Molina appears to have closed about 1787; but in some notes by the translator, interwoven here into the text, a few short notices to the year 1792 occur.—­E.]

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